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FEATURING: Traditional Matcha Soba

FEATURING: Uji Matcha Chocolate

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Journey through Japan with hand-crafted Care Packages filled with premium-quality, all-natural Japanese foods delivered straight from Japan to your door.

Made by local farmers and producers, select a MONTHLY (5-6 items) or SEASONAL (7-9 items plus a locally made gift) Subscription or our newly released CREATIVE BEGINNINGS: REDEFINING "WA" Japanese essentials Care Package.

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Each of our carefully curated Collections Care Packages contains select premium-quality, all-natural Japanese foods made by local farmers and producers, which has been assembled into the perfectly balanced collection. A great way to start your journey through the wonders of Japanese cuisine!  




Share in the joy and excitement of experiencing new tastes and flavors from Japan! Each of our hand-crafted Subscription Care Packages contains a variety of premium-quality, all-natural, locally-made Japanese foods (such as noodles, rice, snacks, seasonings, sauces, soups, teas and more!) delivered straight from Japan to your door.

Available monthly and seasonally. Choose your preference:

Want to know more about the special products in our Care Packages?

You can see some of the previous products we've featured in our Past Nourishing Essentials Care Packages or Past Seasonal Delights Care Packages, or you can meet a few of our local farmers and producers in our Producer Spotlight.


What an absolutely lovely curated box WA is!! I ordered it for my elderly parents (70s, 80s) and they really appreciated the quality and the beauty of your products. All the items made my parents feel very "natsukashii" and closer to "home". Now, I'm hooked!


THANK YOU!!! It is beautiful!! The products and packaging are perfect!! I totally LOVE the meaning and thought that goes into each and every care package. I LOVE sharing with everybody the great finds that I come across - and this is definitely one of them!!!

Marlene, CANADA

In the midst of mass-produced, low-quality, low-health products, all of Kokoro Care Packages' products are healthy and delicious, and come from selected producers all over Japan. It's wonderful to be able to share these unique Japanese products overseas.

Yoshiko of "Cooking with Yoshiko", AUSTRALIA

As someone who spent 34 years living abroad, I know how difficult it is to get quality Japanese food products that aren't mass produced and loaded with chemicals. Although I'm back in Japan now, Kokoro Care Packages is the kind of service I wanted when I lived in the US. It not only meets the booming need for people looking for delicious Japanese food products abroad, it also helps small local producers.

Marc Matsumoto of "No Recipes", JAPAN

I love Kokoro Care Packages because each item is carefully selected with the utmost attention to quality. And, they support small food businesses in Japan! It's the perfect gift for the adventurous, health-conscious home cook and anyone interested in high quality artisanal Japanese ingredients. I highly recommend Kokoro Care Packages as both a gift to yourself, as well as to loved ones!

Kristen Eriko Posner of "Nourish Co.", USA

I would encourage all those who haven't had the opportunity to go to Japan, to kick off their culinary, and cultural, discoveries, all in the ease and comfort of their homes by simply ordering from Kokoro Care Packages.


I love trying new tastes and enjoying products of good quality. I also love Japanese food, a never ending adventure. With Kokoro Care Packages, I am surprised, excited and challenged every month. Receiving hard to find quality products from local Japanese farmers is a privilege, and as a sign of respect for that, I try to use them the best I can, improving that way my cooking skills.


It feels like Christmas every time I open a new Kokoro Care Package! I get excited as I go through each of the productsand read about them in the handy information card, included in each shipment, that lists ingredients and suggestions for use. There hasn't been anything I've tried that I haven't enjoyed! I look forward to being a long-term customer and can't wait to see what delicious treasures I find in my next box!


Kokoro Care Packages are special because they provide me access to unusual Japanese ingredients from small producers that I can have delivered to my doorstep in Norway. For those who love Japanese food, who love to cook, who believe in supporting small producers of unique ingredients, and want to try something new each month, Kokoro Care Package are great!

Debika, NORWAY