Japanese curry (karē or カレー), which is more sweet than spicy, is the quintessential comfort food in Japan. This curry recipe is an easy way to reuse any leftover curry sauce to create a delicious and soothing udon noodle dish. 

Tonjiru (lit. pork soup) is a warm, comforting miso soup made with slices of pork and root vegetables.

Spinach ohitashi is a simple Japanese side dish that combines flavors from the earth and sea: blanched spinach steeped in katsuobushi (dried flakes of skipjack tuna/bonito) dashi.

Mentsuyu (lit. “noodle broth”) is a commonly used seasoning found in numerous Japanese dishes including noodles, rice bowls, hot pots and as a dipping sauce. Made from a collection of some of Japan’s most iconic ingredients, it contains umami-rich ingredients and is a convenient way to increase the depth of flavor in dishes.

Ponzu is a citrus based soy sauce that is tart and with a hint of umami. It is most commonly used as a dipping sauce for everything from tuna steak to hot pots, or to add a splash of flavor to many dishes. It's a staple ingredient in most Japanese pantries.  

White dashi combines dashi with other traditional Japanese ingredients, including mirin and soy sauce, to create a versatile and commonly used Japanese condiment.

This refreshing side dish is quintessentially Okinawan and a nutritious gift from the sea.

These crispy seaweed fritters are a popular dish found throughout Okinawa.

Local Okinawan Fu adds the perfect chewy texture to this iconic Okinawan chanpuru stir fry. Since chanpuru means “something mixed”, you can use any of your favorite proteins and vegetables. The flavors deepen over time so be sure to make extra to enjoy in a bento the next day.

A light refreshing side dish full of traditional Japanese flavors.

Alongside nearly every Japanese meal, you will find a side of tsukemono (pickled things), with every region having its own flavors and varieties. Although it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when tsukemono appeared in Japanese cuisine, it is said that the Edo period brought the emergence of pickling foods in fermented rice bran, known as nukazuke

The deep savory and almost molasses-like flavors of Japanese nori paste—addictive umami bomb in its own right— pair especially well with this popular creamy Middle Eastern dip!

More creamy than chunky, you may be surprised to hear that potato salad is a popular side dish in Japan. Ume Konbu Cha provides salty yet savory springtime flavors to this classic dish.
This beautiful spring-colored mixed rice combines vibrant green peas with pink cherry blossoms. It’s quick and easy to make. Enjoy as a side, or shape into onigiri (rice balls) and pack for a picnic.
Ochazuke is a traditionally simple yet comforting dish made by pouring tea over a bowl of steamed rice with savory toppings. Ume Konbu Cha adds the gentle flavor of green tea with floral ume.
Almost every Japanese home cooked meal is served with a side of pickled vegetables, known as tsukemono. These springtime flavors include a blend of salty pickled sakura and sweet tangy sushi vinegar.
Japanese stir fry noodles are often served by street vendors at outdoor festivals and parks, but also make for a quick and easy meal at home.
A simple dish that can be enjoyed on its own or served atop a bowl of hot steamy rice.
Takikomi gohan combines quintessential Japanese flavors with seasonal vegetables and protein to create a comforting seasoned rice dish.
Our Premium Milky Oyster Sauce adds a unique twist to this Italian classic pasta recipe.
Our Premium Milky Oyster Sauce adds a sweet yet flavorful oyster taste to this light and refreshing beef and watercress salad.
Our Premium Milk Oyster Sauce is the perfect addition to this simple grilled vegetable and chicken thigh stir fry.

Tencha, the leaves ground to make matcha, has a distinctive shape - small, dark green flakes (almost like flakes of seaweed) - and adds the familiar earthy tones of green tea to this pasta dish.

Our yuzu matcha is the perfect balance of earthy, subtly sweet flavors from organic matcha combined with Japan’s beloved citrus fruit: yuzu (柚子). Yuzu is best described as a cross between a tart lemon, a sweet mandarin orange, and a fragrant grapefruit and lends its unique citrus flavors to this yuzu matcha which can be frothed up to make the perfect Japanese latte. 

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