Our yuzu matcha is the perfect balance of earthy, subtly sweet flavors from organic matcha combined with Japan’s beloved citrus fruit: yuzu (柚子). Yuzu is best described as a cross between a tart lemon, a sweet mandarin orange, and a fragrant grapefruit and lends its unique citrus flavors to this yuzu matcha which can be frothed up to make the perfect Japanese latte. 

Genmaicha adds an earthy, nutty flavor to shochu in this refreshing cocktail!

Many people classify green tea as a superfood because of its wide range of positive effects on the body, mind, and overall well-being. Matcha is a special type of green tea which uses the best parts of the green tea leaf. It is also more versatile for use in recipes since it can easily mix with other ingredients. Here are 4 easy ways to add matcha into your recipes.

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