RECIPE: Genmaicha (Brown Rice Tea) and Shochu

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RECIPE: Genmaicha (Brown Rice Tea) and Shochu

Tea cocktails have become a popular favourite in Tokyo’s most stylish of bars. However, you easily recreate this modern Japanese twist with your favourite drinks at home!  Both easy and simple, this green tea Genmaicha Shochu recipe spices up a traditional Japanese tea into an earthy and refreshing cocktail. 

This drink can be prepared in three minutes. Simply brew your genmaicha, mix it with your favourite shochu, and add some ice cubes. Kanpai!

What is Genmaicha?

Genmaicha is a Japanese brown rice tea, made from green tea and roasted brown mochi rice. It is a pale yellow to light green colour, reflecting its milder and light taste. The tea has an earthy flavour, with sweet floral tones and nutty aroma. Genmaicha is not only enjoyed for its taste, but it also has numerous health benefits! The antioxidants in the green tea is found to balance blood sugar and detox the body. Its low caffeine content also promotes focus and relaxation.

What is Shochu?

Shochu is a traditional Japanese hard liquor that is made from grains and vegetables. It differs from sake (also known as nihonshu), a fermented alcohol made from rice, koji, and water. Shochu is generally made from sweet potato, rice, buckwheat, or brown sugar. As a distilled spirit, shochu will have distinct characteristics based off of its main ingredients. For instance, sweet potato bases are fruity and floral, whereas buckwheat bases have richer, full bodies that resemble whiskey or rum. The wide variety of complex and aromatic flavours in shochu offers a little something for everyone! These unique flavours can be enjoyed on the rocks, mixed with cold or hot water, and in cocktails.

If you enjoy Genmaicha Shochu, you can also explore other green tea cocktails. Try switching up genmaicha with other green teas, such as Hojicha and Sencha, that also bring unique flavours to shochu! (available in our Japanese Green and Specialty Teas: “Ryu” Care Package)


Servings: 1
Prep time: 3 mins 
Cooking time: 0 mins 



  1. Brew the genmaicha according to the package instructions. Leave to cool.
  2. Put ice cubes in a glass. Pour over the shochu, then top with genmaicha.


  • Adjust the shochu and genmaicha to your desired strength. 
  • If you don’t have time to let the tea cool, you can make a stronger tea and add more ice cubes.


Recipe courtesy of Miwa's Japanese Cooking Class

Miwa's Japanese Cooking Class

Miwa was born in Kamakura. She spent one year in Texas, US and another year in California, US during high-school and university respectively. In 2016, due to her husband, Yuki’s study abroad, she spent one year in Cambridge, UK where she came up with the original idea of Japanese Cooking Class in Shinagawa & Kamakura. She is currently teaching at the biggest cooking studio in Japan while holding a class at home.  She is the mother of two and a full-time worker. Always busy her food is not for tourists but for the taste of a Japanese mother.(See her Instagram for food pictures). If you want to know the a well-balanced, time-saving and delicious Japanese family cuisine, please join her lesson!

Qualification; Medicinal cooking.
<Best classes and workshops in Shinagawa prefecture on Tripadviser (2010/06/18)>
<Instagram: @miwajapanesecookingclass>


Introduction courtesy of Tiffany Furukawa

Tiffany Furukawa

Tiffany spent her childhood exploring Japanese food in the suburbs of Tokyo and helping her Obaachan (grandmother) in the kitchen. These experiences nurtured her passion for food and she is now studying environmental sustainability and food sciences at university. In her free time, Tiffany loves discovering hidden restaurants in Japan, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and going on runs!

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