This simple syrup includes the licorice flavor of kokuto (Okinawa brown sugar) and can be used to sweeten any dessert including our Mizu Shingen Mochi (Raindrop Cake) and Fruits Mitsumame.

This savory focaccia combines floral sakura with caramelized onions and rich, creamy camembert.

Mistumame is a traditional Japanese dessert that combines fruit with cubes of jelly. A great summertime treat!

Yomogi powder adds a savory flavor to this delicious quiche. It will become your favorite way to start the day or anytime of day! 

Kokuto (Okinawa brown sugar) adds a delightful, licorice flavor to these easy to bake cookies.

Mizu Shingen Mochi is a jelly-like dessert that's light, beautiful and delicious. Also know as Raindrop Cake, it's meant to resemble a giant raindorp.

Nama Choco (or Chocolate) is rich, creamy, and silky smooth chocolate that you can savor as it melts in your mouth. It's a popular Japanese treat and the addition of matcha adds a nice slightly bitter complement to the rich chocolate - a perfect pairing!

These buttery rosettes combine vanilla and matcha for the perfect bitter sweet taste!

Kokuto (Okinawa brown sugar) adds a wonderful licorice flavor to this spiced apple clafoutis.

Mochi donuts are chewy, fluffy and absolutely delicious!

These moist carrot muffins include a myriad of flavors spices along with a nutty kinako (soybean powder) and oat streusel.

Japan is famous for its crackers which come in an infinite array of shapes and flavors. These crackers include okara (soybean pulp) powder and we recommend getting creative with your toppings to make them your own!

These beautiful no bake sakura jelly cheesecakes are the perfect size for a floral treat.

This festive tri-color treats are most often enjoyed during Hanami (flower viewing during cherry blossom season) and are reminiscent of springtime in Japan!

Neri goma and tahini add a buttery and nutty flavor to these moist and fluffy cupcakes.

There is no better combination than sesame and bananas in this moist delicious loaf!

Bread puddings are usually made with cream set with egg, but in this version, I've opted for yuzu juice in place of the egg. The acid coagulates the protein in the cream giving it a rich cheesy texture that's tempered by the refreshing zing of yuzu. It's not difficult to make, but it does require some time to let the bread soak up the yuzu cream, so this is a great make-ahead dish that you can pop in the oven when you're ready to eat it. 
Ice cream is usually made by churning a base while chilling it. The churning action prevents ice crystals from forming while also aerating the mixture. Using a high butterfat cream and partially whipping it makes it possible to make a velvety smooth green tea ice cream without any special equipment: all you need is three simple ingredients.
Pancakes are a treat any way you look at it, but adding matcha to the batter takes them to the next level. To ensure they're moist and fluffy, I like to use yogurt as the primary liquid. This makes for a thick batter, and the acidity of the yogurt combined with the leavening ingredients ensures a good amount of lift. To ensure a smooth green surface on the pancakes, I use a non-stick pan without oiling it, but if you use a regular pan, you'll need to wipe the pan with an oiled paper towel.

This quintessential Japanese dessert showcases the delightful texture of kuzukiri with the heavenly dark sweet syrup known as kuromitsu.

This delectable cake combines some of Japan's most treasured favors: yuzu, Japan's beloved citrus fruit with a sweet citrus flavor that's best described as a cross between a tart lemon, a sweet mandarin orange, and a fragrant grapefruit, and amazake, a traditional sweet sake made from fermented rice that contains no alcohol and is natural sweetened from the rice. 
This refreshing citrus treat is a delicious way to enjoy the fresh taste of yuzu.

These jelly treats are an easy yet fun way to enjoy the refreshing mint flavors of shiso.

This quick recipe turns yomogi mochi into crunchy okaki (rice crackers) covered with sweet and savory Japanese flavors.

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