Yomogi (Mugwort) Powder

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Prefecture: Kyoto 
Producer: Yamashiroya
Ingredients: Yomogi (Japanese mugwort) (Aomori Prefecture), baking soda
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Storage: Refrigerate after opening. Avoid humidity.

Used for centuries as a medicinal herb,yomogi is an aromatic herb from the Japanese mugwort plant that grows in the southern area of Japan. It has a fresh, spring-like fragrance, vivid green color and slightly bitter yet floral taste. It is commonly used inwagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), soups, teas, and rice dishes as a natural food coloring and  for added flavor.

Yamashiroya was established by its founding mother, Sada Sanada, in 1904. Their produce is grown by hand and rely on the wisdom and experience of their farmers who cultivate the rich soil and resulting high-quality crops. After being run by four generations of women, the company is now in its fifth generation and is run by the family’s young son. 

Suggested uses: Use to color and flavor traditional Japanese desserts, soups, teas, and rice dishes. 

Sanshoku/Hanami Dango
Yomogi Quiche

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