RECIPE: Seaweed & Soba Salad

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RECIPE: Seaweed & Soba Salad

This refreshing salad combines 5 different seaweeds from Hokkaido with the nutty, buttery flavors of soba noodles. The mentsuyu and wasabi dressing also adds umami with a hint of wasabi’s signature spice!

Servings: 2


  • 160-200gsoba noodles
  • 4gHokkaido seaweed salad (before being rehydrated)
  • 30g lettuce (chopped)
  • 2 small cherry tomatoes (cut into quarters) or ½ small tomato (diced)
  • 1 can of tuna or 6 shrimp (boiled) (~45g)

Wasabi Dressing


  1. Boil the soba noodles in boiling water over high heat for ~5 mins, separating the noodles as they cook. After boiling, rinse in cold water and drain (note you can keep the boiled water from making the soba to drink as a soup by adding a bit of extra mentsuyu).
  2. Separately, rehydrate the seaweed salad in a bowl and enough water to cover. Let sit for 10 mins then drain.
  3. Arrange the soba, lettuce, tomatoes, seaweed salad and tuna (or shrimp) in a bowl.
  4. Separately, mix together the ingredients to make the wasabi dressing and pour over the salad to serve.

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