RECIPE: Asazuke (Light Pickles)

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RECIPE: Asazuke (Light Pickles)

Asazuke Pickling Juice makes it easy to pickle your favorite seasonal vegetables. In the summer, we recommend pickling fresh okra, cucumber, myoga (Japanese ginger), eggplant, cherry tomatoes or green peppers. Using more vegetables and a shorter pickling time results in less salty and lightly pickled vegetables, while using fewer vegetables and a longer pickling time will produce saliter, more deeply pickled vegetables. For extra flavor, try adding 
shio konbu*, dried chili or yuzu zest*, when pickling or a dash of sesame oil* when serving. 



  1. Wash and drain the vegetables. Cut into bite-size pieces and place in a bowl or plastic bag. Mix in one packet of Asazuke Pickling Juice and rub the juice into the vegetables. 
  2. For lightly pickled vegetables, leave for about an hour (or just until the vegetables begin to soften), rubbing and mixing every 15-30 mins. Can also be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days for deeper pickling.

*Available for single item purchase at our Market: Michi no Eki

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