Asazuke (Lightly Pickled) Pickling Juice

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Prefecture: Tokyo 
Producer: Umi no Sei 
Ingredients: Salt (Oshima Island), Junmai (pure rice) mirin, Junmai (pure rice) sake, kelp, lactic acid fermentation liquid (contains soybeans), dried shiitake mushrooms
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free
Size:10 x 10g 
Storage:Room temperature, away from high heat and humidity.

Tsukemono (lit. “pickled things”) are served alongside almost every meal in Japan. Using less salt and a shorter pickling time, asazuke is a way of lightly pickling, resulting in a mild tasting pickle with a crunchy texture. Unlike typical asazuke made from salt and flavored with sugar and additives, this special asazuke pickling juice is made from traditional sea salt produced from Izu Oshima Island seawater. 

To further enhance the flavors and create umami, a luxurious dashi (broth) made from the highest quality konbu from Hokkaido and shiitake mushrooms from Kyushu is added, along with a lactic acid fermentation liquid, made by cultivating soy milk with 16 kinds of carefully selected lactic acid bacteria and maturing it for one year, which deepens the fermentation process and enhances the flavors and nutrition. Junmai (pure rice) cooking sake, with 3-4x more amino acids, is also added to enhance the umami, and instead of sweetening the juice with sugar, Junmai mirin, which has been aged for over a year, is used to provide a full-bodied aroma, refreshing sweetness, and natural flavor.

Ume no Sei was created from the Japanese Edible Salt Study Group - a research group formed in 1979 by scholars, chefs and consumer groups to re-establish the traditional method of making sea salt by naturally sun drying sea water in salt fields. 

Suggested uses:Pickle your favorite seasonal vegetables following our Asazuke recipe.

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