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Konnyaku – A Superfood To Be Proud Of!

Konnyaku – A Superfood To Be Proud Of!
Konnyaku is considered a superfood in Japan. It's very convenient to use and has essentially no calories while being rich in fiber, making it perfect for those who want to pay attention to their diet.

Hiroko's Hakusai (Asian Cabbage) Salad

Fused by Fiona's Hiroko's Hakusai (Asian Cabbage) Salad Japanese food recipe
Due to the strong flavours in this hakusai salad Hiroko serves it on the side alongside other communal dishes, including rice, vegetables, fish or meat. The salad can be eaten warm or cold, but I prefer to eat it straight from the fridge or at room temperature.

The Curious Case of Wasabi: Internationally Known Condiment Very Few Have Actually Tried

The Curious Case of Wasabi: Internationally Known Condiment Very Few Have Actually Tried
Think you've tried wasabi? Think again! You may be surprised to know that what you've been eating is most likely mustard, horseradish and food colouring...

Salt Koji Marinated Mushrooms (塩麹きのこマリネ)

Salt Koji Marinated Mushrooms (塩麹きのこマリネ)

Koji is an ingredient used for fermented foods such as miso and Sake, made from grain such as rice, wheat, soybean, etc. The beneficial bacteria promote gut health and are also rich in enzymes that help to digest protein, carbs and fat while increasing the bioavailability of minerals. 

Amazake: The Secret of Japanese Longevity!

Amazake: Sweet Japanese Sake
If you drink Amazake regularly (even every day) you will be able to keep your skin young and your body healthy thanks to its beneficial action in your intestinal flora.

Quick Chicken Ramen

Fused by Fiona's chicken ramen recipe for Japanese food
This is a simple ramen recipe filled with flavour to make at home. You can easily add your own twist and don’t be afraid to slurp while eating it! The Japanese believe it makes the food taste nicer and shows the chef that you are enjoying the food.

Smelly, sticky, stringy, slimy, delicious, healthy: Natto. You'll either love it or hate it!

Japanese food: Natto from Japan

Unlike the numerous words used to describe it, there are few foods more ubiquitously strange in the Japanese culinary canon than natto.

Umami: The Fifth Taste

Umami flavors
Have you ever felt like you were missing the words to describe a particular taste? It wasn’t sweet, sour, salty or bitter. Could it have been umami?

Salmon Teriyaki

Fused by Fiona's salmon teriyaki recipe for Japanese food
The perfect combination of flavours in the salmon and the sweet teriyaki sauce make this an all-time favourite in households across the world and on menus in both Asian and non-Asian restaurants.

Lighter fare for spring weather

Lighter fare for spring weather

With the changing of seasons, there is also a change in one’s lifestyle. A common change in Japan is one’s diet. Since spring brings warmer weather, the food tends to be lighter. Beef and pork are a little dense, so fish and tofu become the popular protein of the season. Although fish might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are different types to suit your taste or to slowly wean you into possibly liking it.

Discover some of the sakura foods that make the beginning of spring even better!

sakura foods, sweets and tea

Described as flowery sweet, sakura have a soft cherry taste that goes well with a lot of different food. Here are some of the traditional foods you can try to satisfy your sakura tooth.

Kitchen Beauty: Natural DIY Kitchen Beauty Hacks from Japan

Kitchen Beauty: Natural DIY Kitchen Beauty Hacks from Japan
Rubbing tea leaves on your face, moisturising with camellia oil and toning with rice water? Learn more about these DIY kitchen beauty hacks.