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RECIPE: Eggs Seasoned with Yakiniku Sauce

Japanese Recipe: Eggs Seasoned with Yakiniku Sauce

Yakiniku, which literally means "grilled meat", is a type of Japanese BBQ. In this recipe, we're marinating boiled eggs in our Spicy Yakiniku sauce, which combines the natural sweetness from sauteed onions, fresh apples, and honey with the salty, umami flavor of pure brewed soy sauce. It's a quick and delicious snack and you can use any of the remaining sauce as a dip for grilled meat/veggies or in a stir fry!

Must Try Regional Foods From Okinawa

Okinawa food and cuisine

Okinawa, Japan's southernmost tropical islands, has a climate and way of life that differs from the rest of Japan. With its own local foods and a rich history influenced by the different cultures that have passed through, Okinawan cuisine, also known as Ryūkyūan cuisine (Ryūkyū ryōri), has a taste and flavor that is uniquely its own. 

RECIPE: Sakura Butter Cookies

RECIPE: Sakura Butter Cookies

Celebrate spring and Sakura season in Japan with these buttery floral Sakura cookies. The perfect treat while viewing the blossoms and enjoying hanami!

The Invention of Oyster Sausages - A Delicacy from Iwate Prefecture

The Invention of Oyster Sausages - A Delicacy from Iwate Prefecture
I had no idea that oyster sausages existed on this earth, or that they were in Iwate Prefecture.

Regional Dishes to Try in Tōhoku

Yonezawa beef

Japan's Tōhoku Region is renowned for producing some of Japan's highest quality agriculture. Here are a few regional specialities.

Japanese Rice Crackers: Senbei (煎餅) vs Okaki (おかき)

Senbei Japanese Rice Crackers

Rice crackers can be found in every shape, color and flavor in Japan. From savory to sweet, there’s a rice cracker to fit every occasion and taste. Each region has its own specialty based on local ingredients which are then baked, grilled or fried. Most rice crackers in Japan however, fall into two main categories based on the rice used and their shape: Senbei (煎餅) and Okaki (おかき).

RECIPE: Shio Koji (Salted Rice Malt) Tomato Pasta

JAPANESE RECIPE: Shio Koji (Salted Rice Malt) Tomato Pasta
Shio Koji (also known as salted malt rice) helps to enhance flavors and is a great salt substitute. Try it in this quick and easy tomato pasta to bring out the flavors of the tomatoes and to create a tomato sauce that can be used for chicken and fish as well!

RECIPE: Japanese Poke Bowl

RECIPE: Japanese Poke Bowl

Poke has become an incredibly popular dish in the west. Originally from Hawaii, this dish is heavily influenced by Japanese cuisine and is light, refreshing and easy to make. It combines sashimi (raw fish) with fresh seasonal ingredients and is topped with a soy sauce and sesame vinaigrette. Bring the taste of the island to you home!

RECIPE: Low Carb/High Protein Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl)

RECIPE: Low Carb/High Protein Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl)

Oyakodon is one of Japan's most popular rice bowls, or donburi. The literal translation come from oya which means parent, ko which means child and don which bowl. It's a play on words as its main ingredients are chicken and egg. For those looking for a low carb alternative, you can try our Low Carb/High Protein Oyakodon which provides all the comfort and protein without the high carb rice.

RECIPE: Braised New Potatoes with a Sweetened Soy Sauce

Japanese recipe: Braised new potatoes with sweetened soy sauce
RECIPE: Braised New Potatoes with a Sweetened Soy Sauce

RECIPE: Mozuku (Okinawan Seaweed) Pancake

JAPANESE RECIPE: Mozuku (Okinawan Seaweed) Pancake

Found only in the seas surrounding Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost tropical islands, mozuku is a type of brown seaweed that is known for its slimy texture and delicious health benefits. Rich in minerals and fucoidan, mozuku is said to contribute to the Okinawans’ longevity (the archipelago is home to some of the longest living people on earth!). Try this easy to make recipe to enjoy the local flavors of this Okinawan speciality.

Different Shades of Donburi (Rice Bowl Dishes)


If you've ever visited Japanese restaurants, you've likely seen donburi on the menu. Donburi, or rice bowls, are the perfect choice for a quick and delicious meal in Japan. Named for the large bowl that the dish served in, called a “don”, donburi combines a bowl of steamed rice with meat, vegetables and sauce, and is usually served with a side of pickles and miso soup. It's an all-in-one meal that’s both convenient and filling.