Spicy Chili Shiitake Miso

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Producer:Marusho Corporation
Ingredients: Mirin (domestic), sake, miso (contains soybeans), soy sauce (contains wheat), dried shiitake mushrooms (Shizuoka Prefecture), sesame oil, jalapeño powder, garlic, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, cane sugar, shiitake powder, roasted sesame seeds, chili pepper, bonito flakes, ginger, konbu (kelp) powder

This unique umami and spicy miso paste is made with green jalapeño chili peppers that  is complemented by the sweetness of the miso and a touch of salt. The shiitake, which are the pride and joy of Marusho Corporation, round out the flavor with their rich earthiness and smoky flavor. 

Shiitake mushrooms are a traditional food in Japan, yet the art of producing dried shiitake is in danger of disappearing as producers age and there is a decrease in demand for dried mushrooms, which take time and effort to rehydrate. Given these hurdles, Marusho supports shiitake farmers by creating new products such as this spicy chili shiitake miso. Their fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms are sourced from local farmers, agricultural co-ops and markets which allows them to partner with a large group of producers. While many shiitake growers have shifted to fungus bed cultivation, Marusho continues to support those who use the traditional raw wood cultivation method to produce high-quality mushrooms. Marusho believes so strongly in this traditional technique that two years ago they took over an operation from aging farmers and now produce some of their shiitake in-house. Through all of their hard work to preserve this part of Japanese culinary culture Marusho hopes that customers will be able to enjoy shiitake products for many years to come. 

Suggested uses: Use as a dipping sauce for steak, yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), vegetables and even pizza. It can also be used like the Korean dipping sauce ssamjang to make lettuce wraps. Simply spread the spicy chili shiitake miso on a lettuce leaf and add slices of your favorite grilled meat. Use as a topping for rice or tofu for a kick of spice and flavor, or in the two vegetable dip recipes provided.


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