Shiitake & Ago (Flying Fish) Dashi Osuimono (Clear Soup)


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Prefecture: Oita
Producer: Matsuoka Shiitake
Ingredients: Shiitake mushrooms (Oita Prefecture), soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), starch degradation product, mitsuba (wild Japanese parsley), starch, bonito flakes extract, salt, sesame, konbu (kelp) extract, grilled ago (flying fish) powder, sugar, yeast extract
Vegan, Dairy-free
Size: 1 serving

Osuimono (lit. “things to sip”) is a clear soup with delicate and subtle flavors from its fresh, high-quality ingredients. It’s typically served on its own at the end of a meal, before the main course in an elegant multi-course kaiseki meal, or as the base for the Japanese New Year soup called ozōni.

To make this Shiitake & Ago Dashi Osuimono, Matsuoka Shiitake combines their earthy shiitake mushrooms with other umami-rich Japanese ingredients such as bonito (skipjack tuna flakes), konbu (kelp) and ago (a regional flying fish). The resulting soup is clean, crisp and full of flavor. It’s the perfect way to warm up in winter.

For over 100 years, Matsuoka Shiitake has specialized in mushroom cultivation, including their prized Japanese shiitake mushrooms. Using traditional methods, they grow their shiitake on kunugi (Japanese chestnut oak) logs, giving their mushrooms a distinctive umami-rich, earthy flavor. After being picked, the mushrooms are dried naturally in the sun which further enhances their flavors.

Suggested uses: To make a simple soup, add 160ml of hot water, stir, and enjoy.


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