RECIPE: Traditional Oden

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Traditional Oden

Oden, the ultimate Japanese winter comfort food, is a classic nabemono (one-pot dish) with a variety of Japanese ingredients simmered in a light soy sauce based dashi (broth). You can try our traditional version if you have access to these Japanese ingredients or ourwestern version with more commonly found ingredients. You can also get creative and use any local, seasonal ingredients you have available!

Servings: 2


  • 2 eggs 
  • 40g beef tendon
  • 200-300g daikon (Japanese radish) (cut to 2cm thick slices)
  • 750ml water
  • 1 package oden soup
  • 100g konnyaku (cut in half then into triangles)
  • 2 kobumaki
  • 2 mochi-kinchaku (mochi in aburaage)
  • 2 ganmodoki (fried bean curd cake with vegetables) (pour boiling water over to remove oil).
  • 2 chikuwa (fish cake) (cut diagonally)


  1. In a pot, boil the eggs for 6 mins. Peel and set aside.
  2. Separately, boil the beef tendon for 20 mins. Drain, skewer and set aside.
  3. Dissolve the oden soup in a pot with 750ml of water. Add previously the boiled eggs and beef tendon as well as the daikon, konnyaku and kobumaki. Simmer over low heat for 30 mins.
  4. Add the mochi-kinchaku, ganmodoki and chikuwa. Boil for 15 mins. Serve and enjoy!

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