Vegan Koji Curry

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Producer:Inoue Spice Kogyo
Ingredients:Rice flour (rice (domestic)), amazake (no-alcohol sweet sake), vegetable oils (vegetable seed oil, palm oil), salt, curry powder, onion powder, chickpea powder, miso, tomato powder, garlic, ginger, carrot powder, yeast extract, spices, kelp powder, shiitake mushroom powder (includes soybeans)
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free
Size:130g (6 servings)
Storage: Refrigerate after opening and use as soon as possible.

Japanese curry is easy to make yet deliciously satisfying. The most basic rendition includes chunks of onions, potatoes, and carrots. However, Japanese curry is highly versatile and can include your favorite proteins and seasonal vegetables. Essential to any Japanese curry is the sweet, mildly spicy sauce it's served in.

This special curry powder uses the power of koji, a traditional Japanese fermenting microorganism, to intensify and enhance the flavors of the ingredients included.The paste also uses rice flour instead of wheat flour as a thickener given its lighter aftertaste. Instead of using sugar, it’s sweetened with amazake (lit. “sweet sake”) which is a non-alcohol sake that adds a natural, gentle sweetness. The spices are carefully selected to provide a nice tang without being too assertive, while the depth of flavor is achieved through umami-enriching konbu (kelp), shiitake and miso, all made without chemical seasonings or meat extract.

Suggested uses: Use to make Koji Curry using the recipe below.

Koji Curry


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