Seasonal Delights Care Package

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Order by Aug 31st to receive your Fall Care Package. Photos are from our previous 2024 Summer "Picnic" Care Package. 

Inside each Seasonal Care Package you'll discover:

  • 7+ artisanal, all-natural Japanese foods made locally in Japan plus a hand-crafted gift.
  • Easy to enjoy noodles/rice, snacks, seasonings, sauces, soups, teas and more.
  • A new theme every season.
  • In-depth English brochure of the products, ingredients, suggested uses & recipes.
  • Stories that connect you to the local farmers and producers, regions and traditions.
  • Delivery:Every  spring (March delivery), summer (June delivery), fall (September delivery) and winter (December delivery). If you order during that month, you will receive the following season's Care Package.

Enjoy your seasonal journey through the tastes of Japan!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sylke Krämer
Wonderful Japanese food items

I love these boxes that arrive every three months as they always give me a little push to go beyond my cooking habits by trying something new that I’ve never seen and most likely never tasted before. I love that there is always good variation: some products are snacks that I can eat without preparation, others are instant products that only need some hot water (like a soup). There are spice blends, special sauces and interesting fermented seasonings. Then there are items that you can make a part of a beautiful Japanese style multi bowl meal. Most of these would be near if not completely impossible to get here in Germany. Every box is differently themed which makes them even more exciting.

The best gift for a highly picky brother and lover of Japan

My brother is impossible to buy gifts for. He gets himself whatever he needs and he doesn't want any more "things" in his house so gifts should ideally always be consumable. But there are only so many bars of soap or nice bottles of wine you can buy a person! He does, however, love traveling in Japan and trying new things. I knew that a cheap candy or snack-forward gift box from Japan would make him smile but would not delight him. I am really grateful that this carefully-chosen box truly delighted him. I don't think I've ever had the ability to make his day to the extent that the arrival of this box did. I think he particularly likes that he can try things at home that he didn't know, and then maybe look for them more the next time he's in Japan. Thank you!


Reminds me of being back living in rural Japan :)

Sandra Kennedy
Fall 2022 Seasonal Box

Thank you for another great themed seasonal box! As a fan of making my own bentos, this theme, Ekiben, has been a great addition to my lunches. I have enjoyed the variety of products from across Japan, giving me the chance to taste the treasures of hidden gems. The brochures are alsways full of great photos and informaton about the items and their producers. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to discover the culinary culture and rich traditions of Japan.

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