Nanbu Yuba (Dried Tofu Skin) and Yuzu Soup


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Prefecture: Iwate 
Producer: Minami Shokuhin
Ingredients: Yuba (tofu skin) (soybeans (Iwate)), yuzu (domestic), mitsuba (Japanese parsley);Soup: soy sauce, salt, fermented seasoning, sugar, bonito extract, yeast extract, fish sauce, konbu extract (contains wheat, mackerel, soybeans)
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free
Size:65g (5 servings) 

Storage: Room temperature.

Yuba (tofu skins) is a simple yet wholesome food that is made by warming soybean milk and skimming off the top film, or tofu skin, as it forms. While it tastes somewhat similar to tofu, it has a distinct creamy texture from its delicate, thin layers and a slightly sweet, almost buttery taste. 

This "Nanbu Yuba" is made from 100% soybeans grown in the fertile soil of Iwate Prefecture in an area known as Nanbu, which is famous for its ironwear . The soybeans are first sorted by color, taste, size, etc. and only the ones most suitable for making yuba are selected. The soybeans are soaked overnight in natural soft water sourced from local granite bedrock until soft then ground into a paste using a stone mill. The paste is then boiled in a kiln before being squeezed in a filter to separate the soybean milk from the pulp (known as okara). The soybean milk is then heated until a thin film (yuba) forms. The yuba is carefully removed using a bamboo skewer then naturally dried to maintain its smooth texture when rehydrated. The clear, citrus yuzu soup has a refreshing flavor and aroma that perfectly complements the nutty, buttery taste of the yuba, creating a wonderfully comforting dish.

Found in the northernmost part of Iwate Prefecture, Minami Shokuhin is located in Hironocho, a half-fishing, half-farming town with a population of about 16,000, that was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Surrounded by mountains, sea, and farms, the quiet town continues to recover and reconstruct with its abundant local ingredients and beautiful night stars.

Suggested use: Place the yuba in a bowl, pour in 180ml of hot water, then add the soup. The soup will be ready after a few minutes. Add chopped negi (spring onion) if desired.

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