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Along with our own personal passion for bringing people together over a shared meal and reconnecting everyone to the land and the farmers who dedicate themselves to producing the natural, sustainable food we eat, we are also committed to creating a community of individuals who share our vision and are striving towards these goals in their own unique way. Below is a list of people who we have proudly partnered with and who bring their own special expertise to our community:


Kristin Eriko Posner: Nourish Co. (San Francisco, USA and online)

Kristin Eriko Posner is a lifestyle expert, home cook and former interior designer with a passion for throwing epic dinner parties. She is spiritually Jewish, of Japanese American heritage, and was born and raised on the coast in California. In 2017, Kristin founded Nourish Co., a lifestyle brand that helps multiethnic households create nourishing new rituals, drawing on time-honored wisdom. This was born out of her experience in finding space for each influential culture in her life. Kristin believes that our rituals help shape who we are, and through Nourish Co. content and offerings, she takes powerful notes from her cultural traditions and updates them to be relevant to our everyday lives. Nourish Co. has become a place where mochi latkes on Hannukah and Japanese tea ceremony on Shabbat are a regular occurrence— and while this may not have looked “traditional” to our ancestors, it will to our children and to future generations of our families. For more information, visit nourish-co.com or follow Nourish Co. on Instagram @bynourishco 

Marc Matsumoto: Bento Expo & No Recipes (Tokyo, Japan and online)

Marc Matsumoto is a private chef, television host, and food & beverage consultant based in Tokyo, Japan. With clients ranging from restaurants to royalty, Marc brings his unique brand of modern Japanese cuisine to dining rooms around the world. When he's not on the road, Marc hosts NHK World's Bento Expo, introducing the world to the delightful art of Japanese bento box lunches. He also publishes the food blog No Recipes, where he teaches every day cooks how to elevate their meals using easy to follow techniques. Despite the name, the site has over 1000 detailed recipes with step by step photos, including a wide selection of Japanese dishes

Instagram: https://instagram.com/norecipes

Mayuko's Little Kitchen (Tokyo, Japan)

Mayuko's Little Kitchen Mayuko's Little Kitchen Mayuko's Little Kitchen

Mayuko's class is well suited for people who would like to enjoy local Japanese culture and a homestyle Japanese meal cooked in an actual Japanese home. It's an entirely different experience from a "studio-type" cooking class, and we are sure you will enjoy the personal attention.

Mayuko's Little Kitchen has won the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for each of the past three years, awarded to only the top 10% of service providers. She was chosen as one of the TOP 10 activities in all of Japan ("Foreign visitors' favorite experiences/tours in Japan 2018" on Trip Advisor). Her cooking class has also been featured on national TV programs.

Miwa's Japanese Cooking Class (Tokyo, Japan)

Miwako's Japanese Cooking Class Miwako's Japanese Cooking Class Miwako's Japanese Cooking Class

Miwa was born in Kamakura. She spent one year in Texas, US and another year in California, US during high-school and university respectively. In 2016, due to her husband, Yuki’s study abroad, she spent one year in Cambridge, UK where she came up with the original idea of Japanese Cooking Class in Shinagawa & Kamakura. She is currently teaching at the biggest cooking studio in Japan while holding a class at home.  She is the mother of two and a full-time worker. Always busy her food is not for tourists but for the taste of a Japanese mother.(See her Instagram for food pictures). If you want to know the a well-balanced, time-saving and delicious Japanese family cuisine, please join her lesson!

Qualification; Medicinal cooking.

<Best classes and workshops in Shinagawa prefecture on Tripadviser (2010/06/18)> 

<Instagram: @miwajapanesecookingclass>

Japanese Cooking Club (by Pat Tokuyama, Pharm. D., BCPS) (Online)

Japanese Cooking Club (by Pat Tokuyama, Pharm. D., BCPS) (Online)

Pat is the founder of All day I eat like a shark blog, Japanese tofu cookbook author, and creator of several online cooking programs. He enjoys bringing people of different backgrounds together with Japanese food. And that’s one reason he founded the Japanese Cooking Club! A new community focused on plant based Japanese food, where like-minded people can go to for support and connect with each other while having a fun time cooking! This Club is but one way that he helps to empower people to take more control and responsibility for their lives, while also combining two of his passions – food and helping people learn, grow and ensure their longevity!  

Washocook (throughout Japan)


Noriko was inspired to share her culture and cuisine after an incredible experience she had cooking and eating with a local family living in rural New Zealand, where they use a boat regularly to get around. On her return to Japan, she began "Washocook Co.,Ltd"  which introduce Japanese cuisine the sole objective of sharing authentic Japanese food and culture with the world. She specializes not only in traditional cuisine like washoku gozen, seasonal and authentic Japanese dishes but also in showcasing modern trends that Japanese housewives’ use in their everyday cooking. Her specialty is ‘kyara-ben’, a character bento box in which she arranges food in elaborate styles to look like popular characters, people and animals. Her recipes are all about balance in flavor, nutrients and colors so your Japanese bento/gozen will be a treat for your eyes and taste buds. Noriko speaks impeccable English and is happy to share stories about food and culture in Japan over lunch.

Cooking with Yoshiko (Sydney, Australia)

Cooking with Yoshiko - Japanese cooking class in Sydney Australia Cooking with Yoshiko - Japanese cooking class in Sydney Australia Cooking with Yoshiko - Japanese cooking class in Sydney Australia Cooking with Yoshiko - Japanese cooking class in Sydney Australia

Cooking with Yoshiko is all about eating for health, energy and beauty, creating delicious and healthy meals rather than those boring versions. Yoshiko is from Japan, a chef, author of 3 cookbooks, certified health coach and has over 20 year’s experience teaching cooking both in Japan and Australia. With Yoshiko, you will learn only healthy, TASTY & EASY recipes so you can sustain your healthy eating in a way that is sustainable. These healthy Japanese cooking classes in Sydney have been featured in several national TV programs, newspapers and magazines, including “ The Biggest Loser

Find out about the range of ways you can learn from Yoshiko’s cooking classes, online course and cookbooks ( Cooking With Soy, Japanese Superfoods and Top 3 Japanese superfoods for natural weight loss): from Japanese basics to simple Western style cooking using Japanese superfoods – the true (and largely unknown) key to Japanese health.

YUCa’s Japanese Cooking (Tokyo, Japan) 

 YUC's Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo, Japan YUC's Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo, Japan YUC's Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo, Japan

YUCa offers a variety of simple yet delicious hands-on Japanese cooking classes in a home kitchen in central Tokyo. You will learn traditional Japanese cooking methods using healthy recipes designed to be easy enough to recreate in your own home. Her mission is to connect Japan and overseas countries through Japanese food and lifestyle. Her classes have been awarded The BEST Cooking class & Workshop in Japan by International travelers 2018 (by TripAdvisor) and The Top3 Activity and tours in Japan by International travelers 2018 (by TripAdvisor)


Japanese Green Tea Company (Ships across US & Canada)

Japanese Green Tea Company sells authentic, healthy Japanese Matcha & Green Tea harvested from sugarcane soil. In addition to the Global Tea Championship, their tea won the Japanese National Tea Award in 1974, 1975, 1979 and 2010.