Monthly Nourishing Essentials Care Package

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Order by June 30th to receive your July "Okinawa" ThemedCare Package. Click to view full list of featured products.

Inside each monthly Care Package you'll discover:

  • 5+ artisanal, all-natural Japanese foods made locally in Japan. 
  • Easy to enjoy noodles/rice, snacks, seasonings, sauces, soups, teas and more.
  • A new theme every month.
  • In-depth English brochure of the products, ingredients, suggested uses & recipes.
  • Stories that connect you to the local farmers and producers, regions and traditions.

Enjoy your journey through the tastes of Japan!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anna H.
Well Curated Care Package

I had a question about placing an order and received customer support promptly and kindly. I appreciate that all the themed care package items are identified with photos ahead of time. Everything was shipped nicely. I particularly enjoyed the non-caffeinated soy latte and rice crackers. This company truly cares about the feedback of its customers and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to purchase a care package to discover new items to enjoy. I hope these themed packages continue to bring joy to others.

Charlee W

I purchased the Showa era box. Arrived quickly and it did not disappoint. A nice mix of condiments, ready-to-eat snacks, and ones that were fun to cook. As an 80s baby, it was fun to experience the flavors people were eating in Japan during that era. I actually have a Japanese market close to me, and they didn't have one item that was in this care package! So many subscription boxes out there contain mass-produced things. I highly recommend Kokoro if you're looking for something thoroughly enjoyable and truly unique.


Kokoro offers consistently high quality items for those wanting to learn how to incorporate Japanese flavours into their cooking. From ready to eat bites to the base ingredients needed for every meal, this box is a standout.


Nice sakura package this month

Sandra Kennedy
April's Nourishing Essentials was an Adventure Treasure

The April's Nourishing Essentials box was a treasure box of taste adventures from all across Japan. I have finished sampling all the wonderful items in this month's box and each one was delicious! It is hard to choose a favorite item, but if I had to pick just one, it would be the Red Shiso Furikake. It is versatile, full of umami, and very pretty red color. My second favorite item has to be the Kishu Nanko Honey Umeboshi. These delightful umeboshi added new dimensions of flavor to my bento and side dishes. Each monthly scription box I have received has been wonderful, filled a variety of treats, stories, and traditions. While enjoying all these wonderful offerings, I greatly appreciate the tips and recipes on how to enjoy each item to it fullest.

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