Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea) Honey

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Producer:Kurota Bee Farm
Ingredients:Honey, hojicha (roasted green tea)
Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Storage: Room temperature

This hojicha honey is a delightful departure from your typical honey. Hojicha, roasted green tea, adds a rich, almost nutty flavor to the honey that tea lovers are sure to recognize. The addition of the tea also makes it more bitter compared to normal honey, making it perfect for those looking for something a little less sweet. With its stunning dark brown hue and thin, more liquid texture, this honey is perfect for drizzling on everything from toast to ice cream. 

Kurota Bee Farm has been working 365 days a year for over 100 years across four generations to pass the art of beekeeping and honey harvesting to the next generation. They believe that there is a balance to be struck between humans, nature, and bees, and work continuously to do their part. With years of experience passed down from family member to family member, the farm has a deep understanding of the complexities of making honey, especially the teamwork that goes into it on behalf of humans and bees alike. 

This understanding goes into every teaspoon of honey that Kurota Bee Farm thoughtfully crafts, which highlights the natural sweetness of honey. In addition to their honey storefront, which sells a variety of food and cosmetic goods, they have opened two other businesses. In their sweet shop, Dolce Miele, they offer cakes and gelatos made by their in-house pastry chef who trained in Italy. In their cafe, HoneyB, they also serve dishes that highlight honey in both sweet and savory applications.

Suggested uses:Mix with hot milk or soy milk for a quick and easy hojicha latte or try on buttered toast for a delicious breakfast or snack. It also makes a wonderful topping for vanilla ice cream or yogurt!


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