Shell Ginger Tea

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Prefecture: Okinawa 
Producer: Ishigakijima Healthy Bank
Ingredients: Getto (Okinawa shell ginger) (Caffeine-Free)
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Size:8 x 1.5g tea bags

Could this be the secret to longevity? Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost tropical islands, is home to many of the world's centenarians and one food in particular,getto (shell ginger), is said to be a key contributing factor to the locals’ long and healthy lives.

Part of the ginger family, shell ginger grows in abundance in Okinawa. It gets its name from its beautiful pink shell-shaped flowers. The tea contains no caffeine and has 34 times more polyphenols than red wine. It has a beautiful golden brown color when steeped with floral, clove-like undertones and a subtle spicy ginger aftertaste. 

Ishigakijima Healthy Bank cultivates its shell ginger on Ishigaki Island, the tail end of a string of volcanic islands close to Taiwan. With only 50,000 residents, it offers an abundance of hidden beaches, coral reefs and breathtaking tropical scenery.

How to brew: Add 1 tea bag to 200ml of boiling water. Steep until your desired strength.

Suggested uses: Pairs great with the artisanal snacks and sweets found in ourJapanese Snacks & Sweets: "Raku" Care Package.

DISCLAIMER: We provide ingredients and common allergens based on the packaging as a reference only. Please consume with caution based on your own individual health concerns as we cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain ingredients, allergens and/or animal products.

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