RECIPE: Yosenabe (Hot Pot) with Kuzukiri and Mochi

RECIPE: Yosenabe (Hot Pot) with Kuzukiri and Mochi


Yosenabe is a comforting Japanese hot pot that will warm your body and soul and is the perfect way to enjoy a communal meal with family and friends over the holidays. 

Servings: 2


  • 1 package Ma-konbu Hot Pot Soup 
  • 6-8 leaves napa cabbage (cut into 3cm pieces)
  • 100g shimeji mushrooms (or your favorite mushrooms) (remove roots)
  • 100g enoki mushrooms (remove roots and break up)
  • 100g negi (spring onion) (chopped)
  • 20-30g Kuzukiri
  • Brown Rice Golden Mochi(cut into ½ or ⅓ slices)
  • Dash of Yuzu Ponzu


  1. Dilute the Ma-konbu Hot Pot Soup (the seasoned liquid and ma-konbu) in a pot or nabe with 1L of water. Bring to a boil (Note: To create more flavor and umami, you can leave the contents in the water for ~2hrs before cooking). 
  2. When boiling, add the cabbage, mushrooms, negi, Kuzukiri and Brown Rice Golden Mochi.
  3. Once the ingredients have cooked, you can take small portions into an individual bowl and add a dash of Yuzu Ponzu.

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