Kamakura: An Ancient City of Tradition and Modernity Part IV: Places to Visit

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After a day of eating and bento making in Kamakura, delicious quick bites, and picking up some local souvenirs, here are sites to see while in Kamakura.



Place to visit in Kamakura

Ajisai (hydrangea flowers) greet visitors at Meigetsu-in | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON

Meigetsu-In, which roughly translates to "Bright Moon Temple," is also known as the Temple of Ajisai (Hydrangea) and attracts many visitors during the rainy season of June when the flower blossoms are at their peak. The temple was built in 1160 by Tsunetoshi Yamanouchi in honor of his deceased father, Toshimichi, who died during the battle of Heiji the year before. While the temple expanded and later became a part of the Zenkoji temple, it was later destroyed during the 1867 Meiji Restoration leaving Meigetsu-In as the only remaining temple of Zenkoji today.


Place to visit in Kamakura

Observing the Satori no Mado (Window of Enlightenment) | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Only a 10 minute stroll from Kita-Kamakura station, it is incredible how quiet and calm the surrounding area is despite being so close to the railroad. With the sound of birds humming upon the trees, it is surprising to see such abundant greenery. There are between seven to twenty-two types of seasonal flowers found in the temple throughout the year, giving seasonal blessings to those who visit this sacred place. 


Place to visit in Kamakura

Mini sculptures including Jizo (a guardian deity) | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Immerse yourself in the wonder of discovering nature, plants,Jizo (the guardian deity of children and travelers) and animal statues found along the path. There are many ways to spend time in the temple: walking along the weathered stone steps; observing the Buddhist's worldview at the "dry garden"; counting the numerous bamboo shoots stretching to the sky; and strolling around the other end of the garden through a framed window ofSatori no Mado (The Window of Enlightenment). The temple makes you appreciate nature and the significance of how we are all connected in the past, present, and future. 


Place to visit in Kamakura

Ajisai (hydrangea flowers) of all colors at full bloom in June | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Place to visit in Kamakura

The centuries old trees and bamboo | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Website: https://www.city.kamakura.kanagawa.jp/visitkamakura/en/places-to-go/temples/meigetsuin.html
Admissions: Children (Elementary and Middle school) 300 yen / High School and above 500 yen / Free for those with the disability pass ID/passbook
Address: 189 Yamanouchi, Kamakura, Kanagawa, 247-0062



Kamakura offers history, culture, and nature all together in one package for visitors to explore. 


Place to visit in Kamakura

The collection of water bottle caps saying, "Welcome to Kamakura Station" |MARY HIRATA MCJILTON



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