Kamakura: An Ancient City of Tradition and Modernity Part II: Quick and Delicious Foods

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After a day of eating and bento making in Kamakura, visiting sites, and picking up souvenirs, here are some delicious quick bites to enjoy while in Kamakura.


Chabakka Tea Parks

With a modern feel and a "beach-side look", this tea shop is owned by the young and friendly Ken Miura, who is happy to share his recommendations to anyone who walks in, no matter their knowledge of tea. 

Chabakka Tea Parks offers 13 organic teas from various regions of Japan, including Kyushu (Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Saga), Kanto (Saitama and Ibaraki), Shizuoka, and Kyoto — all famous for their high-quality tea productions. Ken is eager to answer any questions about the various types, brands, and selections of teas found throughout Japan, all with a depth of knowledge that is cordial and unintimidating. 

Traditionally, tea was reserved for ceremonies or to formally welcome guests. However, Chabakka Tea Parks respectfully blends these traditions with a modern twist, adding an essence of fun and casualness so that anyone of any age can find their delight through tea. They offer various temperatures and styles of "brewed" tea, including hand-dripped tea, "hand-pressed" or French pressed tea, cocktail shaken tea, nitro cold brew draft tea, creamy tea lattes, and sparkling soda tea. I decided to try the cold brew draft tea and the yuzu sencha soda tea.


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

Pouring the fresh cold brew draft tea | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


The cold brew draft tea had a blend of mint and hojicha (roasted green tea). It’s made by pouring nitrogen brewed tea into an ice-cold glass. A swirl of creamy foams fills the glass, then shortly after bubbles swarm to the bottom, giving it a so-called "Cascade Effect" as the foams turns into a pale gold liquid. When only a few centimeters of foam is left on top, the cold brew draft tea is ready to be tasted. The nitrogen gives the draft tea a rich, creamy flavor, as if some milk had been added, that is enhanced by the light, refreshing minty aftertaste.

The yuzu sencha soda is made from yuzu, a popular Japanese citrus fruit commonly used in drinks, desserts, and food. The gentle sourness of yuzu makes an ideal pairing for the mild sencha green tea. The sparkling soda adds a carbonated kick and an energetic awakening. 


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

ransparent pale gold draft tea that is creamy and crisp | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Their online store offers a selection of desserts, colorfulochazuke sets (tea poured on a bowl of rice with savory toppings), and even a tea incense burner for relaxing at home. 

Website: https://chabakkateaparks.com/
Online Store: https://shop.chabakkateaparks.com/
Address: 11-10 Onarimachi, Kamakura , Kanagawa ,248-0012



Kanmi Dokoro Kamakura 

Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

A polished look: everything is kept simple in this shop, even the menu | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON

Opened in 2003, Kanmi Dokoro Kamakura specializes in chilled jelly-like mochi known aswarabimochi, which was originally reserved to emperors and nobles during the Heian period (794-1185). Instead of using glutinous rice to make mochi, warabimochi is made fromwarabiko, a precious starch extracted from the bracken root, which can be used to make this light, silky jelly served in bite-size squares covered withkinako (roasted soybean powder) andkuromitsu (Japanese sugar syrup). 

Using simple ingredients, Kanmi Dokoro Kamakura serves simple yet refinedwarabimochi. They roast the soybeans for their kinako at a higher temperature for longer than the average for an enhanced nutty flavor, and use pure brown sugar known askokuto from Okinawa to make their licorice-rich, naturally sweet kuromitsu. 

You can enjoy fresh warabimochi in the store with a selection of coffee, tea, or a strawberry yogurt drink, or opt for a take-home souvenir.


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

Warabimochi set | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

Take-out option available neatly packed in a bento box | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Website: https://www.warabimochi-kamakura.com/
Address: 1 Chome-6-8 Yukinoshita, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0005




Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

A menu of flavors and the  luck it may bring | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON

Tomoya sells on-the-go Japanese snacks such asdango (rice dumpling balls),kakigori (Japanese shaved ice), and ice cream. But what makes this shop unique is their signatureDaibutsu-sama yaki ("Good luck Buddha cake"). This auspicious sweet attracts people hoping for some luck from the gentle, charismatic smile of Buddha. Daibutsu-sama yaki is similar to taiyaki (fish-shaped waffle cake filled with anko (sweet bean paste) or custard). Tomoya makes their waffles with honey to create a fluffy, moist, and naturally sweet cake. 

There are six types of fillings to choose from: sweet red bean paste, custard, sweet red potato paste, red bean paste & cream cheese, thick-sliced bacon & cheese, and blueberry & cream cheese. Each flavor defines what fortune Buddha will give, including health, popularity, money, beauty, career, and love. I chose the sweet red potato filling from Kagoshima, which happens to be the flavor that increases luck for money, and has a smooth texture like whipped cream. 


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

A palm-size Buddha cake | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON

Website (Instagram only) : https://www.instagram.com/manjuya_kamakura/
Address: 1 Chome-6-8 Yukinoshita, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0005




Hannari-Inari attracts visitors walking along the Komachi street with their locally-sourced, signatureshirasu (whitebait). Using only freshly fished shirasu from that morning, they offertamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelet) on a skewer,inarizushi(sushi rice in a lightly fried tofu pocket), and “mille-feuille” layered shirasu in a cup. They also offer broiled Wagyu meat sushi and grilled tuna cheek on a skewer, as well as fresh-cut seafood dishes.


I tried their Hannari-bou Shirasu. Similar to inarizushi, sushi rice is wrapped in a savory fried tofu skin. However, at Hannari-Inari, shirasu overflows from the tofu skin that is shaped like a cylinder. Theirinari (savory tofu skin) is handmade, lightly fried, then soaked in a sweet umami sauce made of soy sauce,kuromitsu, and their secret broth. The rich flavor of the tofu skin complements the vinegared rice, which is blended with ground black sesame seeds for a deep, aromatic nutty flavor, while the dried shirasu adds a hint of saltiness.


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

Inarizushi shaped like cannoli | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


I also tried their Shonan Shirasu no Tamagoyaki.Tamagoyaki is a Japanese egg omelet that, unlike a western omelet, is made in a special rectangular pan used to flip the eggs into several layers until it rolls into a rectangular form. At Hannari Inari, shirasu is lined between each layer of the egg, providing an evenly flavored taste. 


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelet) on a stick | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Website: https://www.maru-han.co.jp/
Online shop: https://hannariinari.shop-pro.jp/
Address: 1 Chome-5-27 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa, 248-0006



Kamakura Soratsuki

Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

A cute rabbit provides extra charm to the shop | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON

Kamakura Soratsuki offers a colorful array of seasonal fruits wrapped inmochi (glutinous sweet rice) known asdaifuku – a symbol of good luck – along withichigo ame (candied strawberry on a stick) which are often found at festivals in Japan. Soratsuki uses perfectly ripe, juicy strawberries for their ichigo ame, providing a natural sweetness with a light, crunchy sugar coating. 


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

The light crunch of candy with juicy strawberries waiting inside | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kamakura.soratsuki
Online store: https://15kamakura.thebase.in/
Address: 1 Chome-5-9 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0006




An Ancient City of Tradition and Modernity

The forth generation owner of the Nagashima-ya, Nakaguchi san | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Since 1921, Nagashima-Ya has been servingwagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) on Komachi street. This year marks their 100th anniversary, with their fourth-generation wagashi master, Nakaguchi-san, serving the local community and guests from all over the world. With a century of unchanged wagashi making, every sweet is handmade using high-quality ingredients without any preservatives. They offer more than 28 sweets, includingmochi (sticky rice cake),yokan (sweetadzuki bean jelly),manju (sweet bean paste wrapped in a bun),kirisansho (traditional New Year's sweets made with Japanese sansho pepper), and more.  


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

Traditional wagashi (Japanese sweets) tools | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


The cozy shop displays carefully preserved wagashi tools as well as a nostalgic clock and akabuto display (a miniature replica of classic armed samurai). Although the original shop collapsed during the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, they rebuilt the shop in 1924 using 200-300 year oldhinoki cypress trees. 


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

Kezuri gori (shaved Ice) inspired by the Heian period story, "Makura-no-Soshi (The Pillow Book)" | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


I decided to enjoy some treats as I took a break. I first tried theKezuri Gori - Ujikintoki Kuromitsu Gake (Japanese Ancient Shaved Ice). Kezuri gori is an ancient shaved ice treat adored by aristocrats and depicted in the book of the Heian period,Makura-no-Soshi (“The Pillow Book). Today it’s known askakigori and is a popular summertime snack. Nagashima-Ya recreated kezuri gori as it is described in the ancient tale offering two flavors, milky fresh strawberry and green tea matcha with sweet bean paste. I ordered the green tea flavor. The shaved ice was served in a half-oval shape with a rough texture, less refined than the modern Japanese shaved ice, which absorbed the slightly bitter green tea matcha. The kuromitsu brown sugar syrup added a robust, licorice flavor.

I also tried theamazake, a sweet and milky fermented rice beverage that can be served either hot or cold. A common drink during New Year’s, it is being consumed more frequently for its health benefits. Although it is fermented, it has no sourness, but instead has a creamy, slightly sweet taste similar to a lassi.

I then couldn’t resist the beautiful colored wagashi calleduteki. Uteki means raindrop in Japanese, and these colorful jellies are reminiscent of raindrops touching hydrangea flowers during the rainy season in Japan. The soft, delicate texture comes from the traditionalnerikeri method where white adzuki beans are kneaded with a wooden spatula until it becomes a smooth paste. It is considerably sweeter than the average Japanese sweets but is an ideal companion for matcha.


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

Ueki — Elaborate blue, purple, and pink jellies portray raindrops falling on colorful hydrangea flowers during the rainy season in Japan | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nagashimaya_kamakura/
Address: 1 Chome-5-8 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0006



Kamakura Katsutei Aratama 

Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

A cute "piggy" sign glowing in the dark | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON

When the sun goes down in Kamakura, the shops are warmly lit, bringing the ancient city back to life. Kamakura Katsutei Aratama is one of the many shops with traditional architecture that is more mesmerizing when it glows in the dark. They servetonkatsu, the popular Japanese pork cutlet, using high-grade Japanese pork, fine bread crumbs, and high-quality Canadian cottonseed oil, resulting in a crispy and light cutlet. 


I ordered the Hire Katsu (Pork Fillet) and the Rosu Katsu (Pork Loin Cutlet) with a side of Menchi Katsu (Minced meat and Cheese Cutlet), Ebi Fry (Fried Shrimp), and Shonan Shirasu to Akamoku no Korokke (Shonan Whitebait Fish and Akamoku Seaweed Croquette). These Japanese comfort foods were lightly fried food and not overwhelmingly heavy.

Last but not least was their sweet and sour blood orange sauce which was perfect with the tonkatsu. 


Quick and Delicious Foods in Kamakura

Food options on display | MARY HIRATA MCJILTON


Website: https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1404/A140402/14074582/
Address: 1 Chome 5-24 Komachi, Kamakura , Kanagawa ,248-0006



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