3 Essential Japanese Sauces You Can Easily Make At Home

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Japanese sauces tend to be a subtle blend of sweet and/or salty umami and are used as a way of enhancing flavors without overpowering the natural taste of the ingredients in the dish. 

These 3 versatile sauces are easy to make at home and are great to have on hand in your pantry. 

Mentsuyu (Noodle Broth)

RECIPE: Simple Mentsuyu (Noodle Broth)

Mentsuyu (lit. “noodle broth”) is a commonly used seasoning found in numerous Japanese dishes including noodles, rice bowls, hot pots and as a dipping sauce. Made from a collection of some of Japan’s most iconic ingredients, it contains umami-rich ingredients and is a convenient way to increase the depth of flavor in dishes. Try our simple recipe.

Homemade Ponzu (Citrus Soy Sauce)

RECIPE: Homemade Ponzu (Citrus Soy Sauce)

Ponzu is a citrus based soy sauce that is tart and with a hint of umami. It is most commonly used as a dipping sauce for everything from tuna steak to hot pots, or to add a splash of flavor to many dishes. It's a staple ingredient in most Japanese pantries. Try our homemade recipe. 

Homemade White Dashi

RECIPE: Homemade White Dashi

In its basic form, dashi is a broth made by extracting flavors from ingredients by boiling them. It's used in many aspects of Japanese cuisine, adding umami to dishes and enhancing the flavors of the ingredients it's combined with. White dashi combines dashi with other traditional Japanese ingredients, including mirin and soy sauce, to create a versatile and commonly used Japanese condiment. Try our white dashi recipe.

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