100% Soba (Buckwheat) Noodles (Gluten Free)

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Prefecture: Niigata 
Producer: Ichikara Farms
Ingredients: Buckwheat (from Minamiuonuma City)
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free

Nutty, buttery soba noodles are one of the most popular types of noodles in Japan and can be served cold on a hot summer day or in a hot noodle broth.

Soba noodles are made from soba, the Japanese name for buckwheat. You may be surprised to learn that buckwheat is not actually a type of wheat but is actually a highly nutritious seed with a robust nutty and buttery flavor. 

Most soba noodles however are mixed with wheat, even though the higher the concentration of soba, the higher the quality of the noodle. These soba noodles are made from 100% soba and are gluten-free.

To make these noodles, Ichikara Farms' master noodle maker adjusts the dough according to the humidity in the air and the variety and grind of the buckwheat. Made without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and grown and milled in-house, this is the truest form of soba you can enjoy!

How to prepare: Add the whole package (180g) to 3-4L of boiling water for 7 mins. Since 100% soba noodles are more delicate than regular soba noodles, please wait 30 seconds before separating and stirring the noodles as they boil. Remove from heat and drain (if enjoying cold place in ice water) but save the leftover soba water!The soba water is full of flavor and nutrients and can be enjoyed on its own as a hot drink (you can boil the noodles in 2-3 liters of water for a thicker drink). We recommend you enjoy these noodles as is to taste the true buckwheat flavor. You can also add a pinch of salt or make a simple dipping sauce by combining 1 cup of dashi with ¼ cup of soy sauce (available in our Creative Beginnings: Redefining “Wa” Care Package).

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Meet our producer:
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Huan D.
Love It

Love this buckwheat noodles. This is much better than other soba noodles mixed with wheat.

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