RECIPE: Shio Koji (Salted Rice Malt) and Soy Sauce Koji

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RECIPE: Shio Koji (Salted Rice Malt) and Soy Sauce Koji

Shio koji, using the power of fermentation, is the secret ingredient behind many Japanese dishes adding umami, enhancing flavors and softening meat, fish, vegetables, etc. Extremely versatile, shio koji can be used as a substitute for salt, to pickle foods, in dressings/sauces, or as a half day/overnight marinade for meat and fish. Try making your own shio koji, or for extra umami, soy sauce koji at home.

Rice Koji



Instructions to make Shio Koji:

  1. Thoroughly combine the ingredients in a sterilized plastic container or jar. 
  2. Let sit to ferment at room temperature away from sunlight for 1-2 weeks (it will take about 1 week in the summer when the temperature is hotter, and 2 weeks in the winter when it’s colder). Stir once per day to ensure the fermentation is even. You will know the fermentation period is done once the rice koji is soft and gel-like.
  3. Once made, store in the fridge and use within 3 months. Be sure to stir well each time before using.

To make Soy Sauce Koji, follow the same steps but replace the water and salt with 200ml of soy sauce and use as is.

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