RECIPE: Kyuri Asazuke (Japanese Pickled Cucumbers)

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Tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables)

Tsukemono (漬物), which translates to pickled things, can be found accompanying almost every Japanese meal - from a casual meal at an izakaya (居酒屋) or Japanese pub to the fanciest kaiseki (懐石) or multi-course meal. Almost anything can be pickled, but common choices include cucumber, cabbage, daikon (Japanese radish), ume (Japanese plum), ginger, eggplant and lotus root to name a few.

Kyuri Asazuke are pickled, thinly sliced cucumbers are typically enjoyed during the summer months as a refreshing snack. It's common for households to make their own as it only requires a jar and salt brine. 

Tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables) recipe using cucumbers



1. Cover the cucumbers in a bowl using the shio koji as per the picture above.
2. Put them in the fridge for about 8 hours (or overnight).
3. Enjoy!

About the author: Teni Wada appreciates the simplicity and versatility of Japanese cooking ingredients and enjoys recreating her mother-in-law's dishes. A foodie at heart, she is always on the lookout for seasonal snacks and drinks to share on Twitter (@wadateni). You can also find Teni Wada on Instagram (@wadateni) and her lifestyle blog, where she documents motherhood in Japan.

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