PRODUCER SPOTLIGHT: Konbumura - A Busy Mother Creates Flavors from the Seas of Hokkaido

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Konbumura Production

"Our mission at Konbumura is to help more people know about and enjoy eating gagome kelp. In particular, we hope that busy mothers and people who live alone can easily cook and enjoy gagome kelp."- Tamae Noto, CEO of Konbumura

Osatube, Hokkaido

Cultivated and Harvested in Osatube, Hokkaido

While Hokkaido may be known for its excellent seafood, the same cold sea surrounding Hokkaido, which attracts fish and other sea life, is also the ideal environment for cultivating seaweed. 

All five seaweed varieties in Konbumura’s salad (Funori, Dulse, Wakame, Gagome Kelp and Japanese Kelp)are grown and raised off the eastern coast of Hokkaido near the fishing village of Osatube. This area is known across Japan for producing the best kelp. 

Gagome Kelp

The sea around Osatube is uniquely rich in nutrients as the colder northern Oyashio Current mixes with the warm water of the southern Kuroshio Current, bringing nutrients and boosting production. Natural minerals also flow into the sea through rivers from nearby mountains.

Fishermen in Osatube, Hokkaido

Konbumura works with local fishermen who are familiar with the sea and know the best times to harvest the different varieties of seaweed. They hand make each of their seaweed salads with five unique types of seaweed that represent the sea of Hokkaido, without the use of additives. 

Gagome Kelp

Health Benefits of Gagome Kelp and Dulse

While kelp is a staple of the Japanese diet, gagome kelp from Hokkaido is a real luxury. The rare seaweed is rich in minerals. Gagome kelp has high levels of alginic acid, which can help control high blood pressure, and laminarin, which reportedly keeps skin moisturized. In addition, another molecule in gagome kelp – fucoidan – can help enhance the immune system and can even help prevent the growth of cancer cells. Compared to regular kelp, gagome kelp from Hokkaido has twice as much fucoidan.

While enjoying Konbumura’s seaweed salad, you can also benefit from the superfood dulse, another seaweed variety which grows in the cold northern oceans. Dulse provides a wealth of fiber and protein. Plus, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids.

Konbumura Kelp

What makes Konbumura's seaweed salad special?

Konbumura’s seaweed salad is not only packed with health-benefits, it is delicious and easy to use!  They carefully select and balance the blend of the five seaweed varieties to allow the flavor of each seaweed variety to shine. 

Konbumura Seaweed Salad

They also specially process the seaweed to preserve its vibrant green color. Before drying the seaweed, they briefly boil and plunge the kelp and wakame into cold water. Thanks to this extra step, the seaweed retains its crisp texture and natural green color.

Konbumura CEO

A Special Message from Tamae Noto, CEO of Konbumura

At Konbumura, we call our kelp "Kenjo" kelp. "Kenjo" means something presented and offered to god because we are committed to providing very high quality kelp. For me, this dedication arose when my life became forever connected with the town of Osatusbe in Hokkaido. That is when I first encountered and became fascinated with gagome kelp.

Konbumura CEO

Our mission at Konbumura is to help more people know about and enjoy eating gagome kelp. In particular, we hope that busy mothers and people who live alone can easily cook and enjoy gagome kelp. Thus, we offer a range of high-quality products, which can be easily incorporated into everyday cooking. I myself am a busy working mother, which motivates me to develop products to help people who have busy lives and little time to cook.

Gagome kelp is not only beneficial to elderly but has health benefits for children and young adults as well. We hope you take your time and enjoy eating our kelp!

A nutritious and perfectly balanced way to enjoy the tastes from the sea of Hokkaido!


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