PRODUCER SPOTLIGHT: Atelier Aiakane's Indigo Blue Tea - Steeping Indigo Blue

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Atelier Aiakane

Located in the Karimizu area in Obama-cho Unzen city, Nagasaki, you'll find a quiet village overlooking a picturesque blue ocean. This is the home of Atelier Aiakane.


Atelier Aiakane's indigo farm

It's in these fields surrounded by rich nature that Atelier Aiakane cultivates cotton, loquat, plum, walnut, camellia, bamboo, kiwi, fennel, lemon grass, mint, and other seasonal flowers. However, Atelier Aiakane is best known for its indigo plants. 

Atelier Aiakane's indigo blue tea leaves

Indigo is recognized for its vibrant blue color and is commonly used as a dye for fabric. Made famous in Japan, it also goes by the name of "Japanese blue".

Atelier Aiakane's indigo dye fabric

The Japanese have been using indigo for centuries, not only as a dye but also as a “medicinal herb”. Indigo is said to contain antimicrobial and antioxidant ingredients while also protecting the intestinal region. As far back as the Edo era, indigo merchants were known to carry indigo in charm bags and used it to cure stomach aches. There are even accounts of it being used as an effective remedy against eating poisonous blowfish! 

Atelier Aiakane's indigo blue tea leaves

Although only the leaves from the indigo plant are used for dyeing, Atelier Aiakane realized the added benefits of using the whole plant including the stems, roots, flowers and seeds. They do not use any chemicals or chemical fertilizers and package each of their products individually by hand. 

Atelier Aiakane's indigo blue tea

You'll be as impressed by the beautiful aroma and taste of Atelier Aiakane's indigo blue tea as by its breathtakingly vibrant blue color!

Atelier Aiakane's indigo farm

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