Sobacha (Buckwheat Tea)

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Prefecture: Niigata 
Producer: Ichikara Farms
Ingredients: Buckwheat (Caffeine-Free)
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Size: 80g

Soba, the Japanese name for buckwheat, is a key ingredient in one of Japan’s most popular noodles. Not actually a type of wheat, soba is a highly nutritious seed that can be roasted to create a traditional Japanese tea known as sobacha. 

This sobacha contains whole roasted buckwheat, producing a full-bodied buttery and toasted nut-like flavor.Soba contains all eight essentialamino acids and is rich in lutein, B vitamins and fiber so be sure to eat the leftover buckwheat after steeping your tea! 

Produced in Uonuma in the Snow Country of Niigata prefecture, the soba from Ichikara Farms is a symbol of rebirth. The area was devastated by a large earthquake in 2004, yet the founder was able to transform an abandoned pasture into 30 hectares of organic buckwheat farmland while also supporting the local farmers and producers throughout his supply chain.

How to prepare:Combine 1 tbsp with 250ml of hot water and brew for 1 min (can also be boiled for a stronger flavor). Pairs well with sweets or a savory meal. After drinking the tea, you can eat the leftover buckwheat as a porridge or with yogurt. You can even eat the buckwheat as is, straight from the bag as a healthy snack.

Suggested uses: Pairs great with the artisanal snacks and sweets found in ourJapanese Snacks & Sweets: "Raku" Care Package.

Japanese Potato Salad with Sobacha

Meet our producer:
Ichikara Farms: Rebuilding Snow Country with Soba

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