Raw Nori Tsukudani (Simmered Seaweed)

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Producer: Enchu Shokuhin
Ingredients: Nori (seaweed (domestic)), brewed soy sauce (contains soybeans and wheat), starch syrup, sugar, fermented seasoning, katsuo (bonito) stock, agar 
Size: 35g
Storage: Refrigerate after opening and use as soon as possible

Full of sweet and salty umami, tsukudani is made from seafood, meat, seaweed, or vegetables that have been simmered in sweet and savory sauce (typically made from soy sauce, sugar, mirin), with seaweed tsukudani being one of the most common.

Thisnori tsukudani is made from raw seaweed purchased directly from local fishermen in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture, afamous seaweed production area since the Edo Era. Common tsukudani is often made with dried seaweed, but by purchasing directly from fishermen, Enchu Shokuhin is able to make tsukudani using fresh seaweed, which has a richer flavor. It iscooked in an open-fire oven by experienced craftsmen which helps to maintain its texture.

It is then perfectly seasoned with traditionally brewed soy sauce, raw sugar made from sugarcane produced in Tanegashima, starch syrup made from domestic sweet potato starch and barley malt, katsuo dashi from Kagoshima Prefecture, and a domestic fermented rice brewed seasoning made from rice and rice koji (salted malt) which is used to make sake.  This seasoning allows you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients and highlights the unique flavors of the seaweed.

Enchu Shokuhin was founded in 1919 and has been creating products that maintain traditional handmade tastes for over 100 years. They partner directly with local farmers and producers to support these shrinking domestic industries, while also ensuring their ingredients, which they consider blessings of the earth, are naturally sourced.

Suggested uses: Adds salty umami to any dish! Use on rice or cooked vegetables, in place of salt, as a spread on buttered toast, or mixed with mayonnaise to make a dip/spread. Mix with yuzu kosho, milk or cream to make a sauce for pasta.

Nori Doria (Seaweed Rice Gratin)

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