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Prefecture: Fukuoka 
Producer: Takahashi Shoten
Ingredients: Sugar (made in Japan), soy sauce, yuzu kosho, dried nori seaweed (made in Japan), vinegar, salt, potato starch, yeast extract (contains soybeans and wheat)
Vegan, Dairy-free
Size: 125g 
Storage: Refrigerate after opening.

This unique artisanal condiment, known as norikuro, combines two iconic Japanese spreads: nori paste (tsukudani) and yuzu kosho. 

Tsukudani is a sweet and savory paste made by simmering seaweed in soy sauce and other traditional Japanese seasonings to create a deep umami flavor. The seaweed used here is sourced from the Ariake Sea and is known for its high-quality flavor and nutrients from the sea. 

Yuzu kosho is a citrusy spicy paste made from Japan’s prized citrus fruit: yuzu. Yuzu has a flavor best described as a cross between a tart lemon, a sweet mandarin orange, and a fragrant grapefruit, which is then combined with chili peppers and salt. The yuzu for this paste come from Miyazaki in Kyushu, a region famous for its yuzu.

To combine these ingredients, our producer, Takahashi Shoten, uses a blended vinegar they chose after tasting over 100 different types. The vinegar perfectly enhances the aroma and flavor of the seaweed along with the spicy tingle from the yuzu kosho while maintaining a balanced acidity profile.

Suggested uses:Extremely versatile, add atop a bowl of rice, as a dip for fresh cut vegetables, as a sauce for cooked chicken, fish or boiled vegetables, as a spread on canapés, in pastas or on pizza, etc. Can also be mixed with sesame oil or mayonnaise and used as a sauce for boiled vegetables.

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