Mozuku Seaweed Udon Noodles With Broth

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Prefecture: Okinawa 
Producer: Seiwa Shokuhin
Ingredients: Noodles: Wheat flour (Hokkaido), Okinawan mozukuBroth: Organic soy sauce, kelp extract, bonito dashi, dried shitake mushroom, sugar, sweet sake, salt, fermented wheat sauce, starch, fermented extract (includes wheat and soy)
Size:160g noodles / 80ml soup

Found only in the seas surrounding Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost tropical islands, mozuku is a type of brown seaweed that is known for its slimy texture which provides a delightfully chewy texture to these noodles.

Rich in minerals and fucoidan, mozuku has a myriad of health benefits and is said to contribute to the Okinawans’ longevity.

TheseOkinawan Mozuku Noodlesare made from two simple ingredients: raw mozuku harvested around Iheya Island and wheat flour produced in Hokkaido. The mozuku accounts for about 30% of the noodles while the broth is made from organic soy sauce and seasonings from the seas of Okinawa.

How to prepare: Add noodles to 1 liter of boiling water for 10 mins then drain. For hot udon, add the noodles to a bowl of the broth mixed with 400-500ml of hot water. For cold udon, dip the noodles into a bowl of the broth mixed with 100-200ml of cold water. You can also add chopped green onions, wasabi or a dash of Hontaka Shichimi Togarashi (Seven Spice Blend).

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