Morokoshi (Sweet Red Bean Adzuki Confection)

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Prefecture: Akita
Producer: Morokoshian
Ingredients: Caster sugar (domestic), red bean powder (red bean (Hokkaido)), white bean paste
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Size: 110g

Morokoshi is a slightly sweet traditional wagashi (Japanese confection) from Akita Prefecture made from the flour of sweet red beans known as adzuki. Adzuki are said to bring good luck and can be found simmered with sugar to make a paste that is used in many traditional Japanese sweets. In morokoshi however, adzuki are uniquely roasted to enhance their flavor and aroma. Domestic adzuki branches from Hokkaido are first dried in the sun for about 15 days. The adzuki are removed from the dried pods before the core (known as ginjo (high-quality) adzuki) is roasted then ground into a fine powder. The adzuki bean flour is blended in a perfect ratio with sugar and water by skilled artisans to create a smooth paste which is poured into a mold, dried in a furnace and grilled in a flaky outer crust.

Morokoshian, a small sweets factory, was established in 1957 in Kakunodate Town (present-day Senboku City in Akita Prefecture), the Little Kyoto of Akita. The town is known for its samurai residences and cherry blossoms. The young owner wanted to promote Akita's traditional confectionery, morokoshi, as a signature product of the beautiful historical and cultural town. Their skilled, artisanal craftsmen use quality ingredients to bring out the best taste.

Suggested uses: Enjoy as is. Pairs well with any of ourJapanese green or specialty teas.


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