Kokuto (Okinawa Black Sugar) And Sesame Jam

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Producer:Nakasone Kokuto
Ingredients:Sugar cane (Okinawa), black sesame
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free

Okinawa’s subtropical climate makes it the perfect spot for producing sugarcane, one of the islands’ main crops. From this, Okinawans created their very own black sugar known as kokuto, prized for its deep, licorice flavor. Unlike regular brown sugar, which is a combination of molasses and refined white sugar, kokuto is made by slowly cooking pure sugarcane juice which preserves its natural vitamins and minerals. 

This rich flavorful kokuto is combined with nutty black sesame seeds, another one of Japan’s anti-aging foods, rich in calcium, fiber, protein, and minerals, to create a deliciously addictive local treat!

Satoshi Nakasone, the founder of Nakasone Kokuto, quit his company job to make kokuto when he was 32 years old after meeting an “ojii” (the affectionate name for grandfather or older man) who gave him the opportunity to taste real authentic kokuto. Nakasone Kokuto still uses traditional methods to make their kokuto: they start with the first squeeze of sugarcane juice from their own sugarcanes (the first squeeze is the most pure and robust in flavor) and cook the juice for over 5 hours in a kiln. This helps to preserve the nutrients and minerals and results in a richer flavor. “We will not compromise on quality and will only make products that we can also give to our children.”

Suggested uses: Use as you would jam (spread on bread, crackers, pancakes, crepes and more) or in recipes to add licorice, nutty flavor to your desserts.

Kokuto Butter Cream Cupcakes

Kokuto Butter Cream Cupcake photos courtesy of Sarah Gindroz (IG: @loulou_ginsarah; Website: www.sarahgindroz.ch)

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