Kiriboshi Daikon (Dried Japanese Radish Strips)

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Prefecture: Shizuoka 
Producer: Yamachan Farm
Ingredients: Daikon (Japanese radish) (Haruno Town, Shizuoka)
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Size: 30g
Storage:Room temperature but can also be stored in the fridge to keep the flavors fresher for longer. Note: Given this product is natural, the daikon may turn brown over time. This does not affect the quality.

Kiriboshi daikon is a traditional Japanese food that consists of daikon (Japanese radish) that is cut into thin strips and dried in the sun. The drying process helps to concentrate the umami flavors and enhance the natural sweet and sour taste which increases the more you chew.

This special kiriboshi daikon is made from a local mountain daikon grown only in Haruno Town in Shizuoka. Haruno is blessed with fertile soil, mineral rich groundwater and a climate that is hot in summer and cold in winter. The resulting daikon, which is grown using recycling-oriented agriculture, is naturally sweeter than regular daikon, with no bitterness. It also uniquely does not need to be rehydrated before using.

Yamachan Farm has been around for over 100 years and is run by the great-grandson of the founding farmer. Their mission is to revitalize Haruno Town through agriculture, to convey the importance of food as a farmer and to bring smiles to people's tables with vegetables from their farm.

Suggested uses:Unique to this kiriboshi daikon, it doesn’t need to be rehydrated before using. Enjoy as is or add directly to stews, miso soup, mixed with kimchi or topped with a simple sauce such asponzu*.

Kiriboshi Daikon and Cucumber with Sesame Dressing
Kiriboshi Daikon Coleslaw

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