Dried Natto (Fermented Soybean) Snack (Soy Sauce or Spicy Flavor)


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Producer:Kikusui Shokuhin 
Ingredients: Soy sauce:Natto (soy beans, domestic, non-GMO), palm oil, powdered soy sauce (soy sauce, dextrin), salt, yeast extract (contains wheat and soy) Spicy: Natto (soybeans (domestic, non-GMO), bacillus natto), palm oil, salt, powdered soy sauce (soy sauce, dextrin), chili pepper, yeast extract, glucose (contains wheat and soybeans)
Size: 10x 5g packets
Storage: Room temperature.

Natto (gooey, sticky fermented soybeans) is a traditional fermented Japanese food that on its own can be an acquired taste. To make this unique snack, natto is fried at a low temperature to preserve its natural nutrition but results in a milder flavor, light crunchy texture and no stringy goo or odor. The soy sauce flavor is seasoned with soy sauce and salt for extra umami flavor, while the spicy flavor includes chili peppers for a nice spice.

Kikusui Shokuhin was founded in 1948 after the grandfather and father of the current owner, Keiji Kikuchi, escaped the Great Tokyo Air Raid on March 10, 1945 and settled in the city of Hitachi in Ibaraki Prefecture. They started a natto shop and in 1982, Keiji-san left his construction sales job to take over the family business after his father fell ill. Since that time, Kikusui Shokuhin has won numerous awards from the Natto Appraisal Committee, which seeks to uncover the best natto based on appearance, aroma, and taste/texture. The company is also working to revitalize northern Ibaraki, which was devastated by the great earthquake, with natto.

Suggested uses: Enjoy as is.


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