Chef Kogure’s Olive OIl and Akamoku (Seaweed) Curry Roux

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Ingredients:Wheat flour, vegetable oil (palm oil, extra virgin olive oil), sugar, salt, curry powder, pork extract, tomato paste, apple puree, soy sauce, masala, chicken extract, oyster sauce, Worcestershire sauce, yeast extract, akamoku seaweed powder, cocoa powder, spices (includes soybeans)
Storage: Refrigerate after opening and use as soon as possible.

Curry rice (pronounced karē raisu) is one of Japan’s most popular comfort foods. More sweet than spicy, Japanese curry is easy to make yet deliciously satisfying with each region having its own tastes and ingredients.

Chef Kogure’s Olive Oil and Akamoku Curry Roux combines local and international flavors and is a symbolic, and delicious representation of Kanagawa. It includes some of the finest extra virgin olive oil (in fact, it was created by Chef Kogure, who extensively researched olive oil cooking and earned the honor of becoming the first Japanese olive oil sommelier recognized by Sicily, Italy) combined with akamoku seaweed. Akamoku is a brown Japanese algae that can only be harvested for three months out of the year. In Zushi City in Kanagawa, akamoku is known asgibasa and is hand-picked off the coast by local fishermen. It’s been treasured for centuries and is considered a soul food of the city with its briny flavor evoking the ocean of Kanagawa.

Made without the thickeners, chemical seasonings or chemical additives, this curry roux is instead a blend of natural ingredients including extra virgin olive oil, akamoku, curry powder, pork and chicken extract, tomato paste, apple puree, soy sauce, masala, oyster sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and cocoa powder. The result is a sophisticated flavor that perfectly balances all five tastes.

Suggested uses: Use to make your own home cooked Japanese curry using Chef Kogure’s Olive Oil and Akamoku Japanese Curry recipe.


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