Yuzu Kosho (Aged 1 Year)

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Prefecture: Oita 
Producer: Kuroiwasou
Ingredients: Yuzu peel (from Oita prefecture), green chili pepper (from Oita prefecture), salt
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Size: 60g 
Storage: Refrigerate after opening.

Japan is home to over 40 different varieties of citrus fruit, but one is prized above all others:yuzu (柚子). From the outside, yuzu resembles a lemon with its bright yellow peel. However, the fruit is larger and squatter with a flavor best described as a cross between a tart lemon, a sweet mandarin orange, and a fragrant grapefruit. The fruit itself is rarely eaten raw, instead everything from its zest to its flesh can be found lending its flavors to many of Japan’s favorite foods, including this yuzu kosho from Oita Prefecture.

In this handmade blend of citrus and spice, Kuroiwasou combines yuzu with green chili peppers, both of which are grown without pesticides and are fully ripened on the tree. They also add sea salt from Japan’s tropical islands of Okinawa and then, unique to their yuzu kosho, they age it for over a year using a secret method to enhance and preserve the natural flavor and aroma of their quality ingredients.

Suggested uses:Use as a seasoning in soups (miso soup, noodle soups, etc.), with grilled meat, fish or vegetables, in pasta dishes or stir fries, or on gyoza.

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The best Yuzu Koshou I've tried

I highly recommend it, the taste is very smooth and you only need to add a bit. I use it in a lot of dishes and dips as well.

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