RECIPE: Marc Matsumoto's Oyakodon

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RECIPE: Marc Matsumoto's Oyakodon


Oyakodon is a classic donburi or rice bowl, and it's one of my favorite quick lunches. With big chunks of juicy chicken enveloped in a blanket of creamy egg and scallions, the flavorful broth percolates down into the rice, seasoning it to the last bite. 

Makes 1 large serving



  1. Add the kokuto, konbu cha, water, and soy sauce to a bowl and stir to combine. 
  2. Season the chicken with salt and arrange the pieces in a small omelet pan with the skin side facing down. 
  3. Arrange the white part of the scallions around the chicken and put the pan on the stove over medium-low heat. Let the chicken cook on the skin side until most of the fat is rendered out from the skin and the meat is cooked halfway through. 
  4. Add the stock mixture and flip the chicken over. Turn the heat up if necessary to bring the stock to a boil.
  5. Break the eggs into the bowl you had the stock mixture in and mix lightly (there should still be some separation between the whites and yolks).
  6. Add the scallion greens to the chicken and stir it into the stock. 
  7. Pour the egg into the pan in a figure 8 motion to distribute it evenly into the stock. 
  8. Cook the egg to your desired doneness, keeping in mind that residual heat will continue cooking it a bit more in the bowl. 
  9. Serve the oyakodon by sliding the contents of the pan over a large bowl of cooked rice. Garnish with shichimi togarashi.


Recipe courtesy of our friend Marc Matsumoto of No Recipes

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