Too “Matcha” Fun: Sampling Matcha in Different Forms

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Japanese Matcha Foods

Traveling means something different to everyone. To one person, it could simply be a chill, relaxed day with room service. To others, traveling could mean their itinerary is the most important document (besides the passport) in the trip. For me, it means hitting every restaurant my stomach could possibly withstand before I must unbutton my jeans.

The Green Challenge

Japanese Matcha Foods
Quote from Nakamura Tokichi in Uji, Japan

In January 2017, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar in Kyoto. After learning tips and tricks from my colleagues, I had too “matcha” fun walking around the city. Essentially, each day was a challenge to find as much green tea desserts as possible.

I must admit that I really regret not bringing friends with me on my food adventures. I gobbled a ridiculous amount by myself! One memorial treat was the green tea parfait from Tsujiri Tea House. It was filled with green tea jelly, green tea sponge senbei, green tea whipped cream, green tea ice cream… and so on! 

Japanese Matcha FoodsJapanese Matcha FoodsJapanese Matcha Foods

Green heaven in a glass

If you aren’t hungry, you don’t have to eat an entire glass full of sweets. You have an abundance of options as an alternative, such as green tea Kit-Kats, chocolate bites, or biscuits. These are perfectly sized for when you have your midday munchies!

Japanese Matcha FoodsJapanese Matcha Foods

Matcha Outside Your Desserts 

Japanese Matcha Foods

Japanese Matcha FoodsJapanese Matcha FoodsJapanese Matcha Foods
Kitsune matcha buckwheat noodles (soba) set

If you don’t like sweets, that’s okay! Matcha can be a main ingredient in savory foods, too. My favorite example is the matcha noodles I enjoyed in Uji, a town known for the production of green tea. I visited Nakamura Tokichi and ordered their matcha noodles set (and matcha dessert set immediately after I cleaned my plates.) The matcha in the noodles were extremely fragrant, but not overpowering in the mouth. It really warmed me up since it was freezing outside!

Japanese Matcha Foods
The naughty dessert plate I ordered right after my matcha soba

The way you enjoy your matcha is up to youーeither as a drink or as a savory dish! Explore, experience, and enjoy!

Teresa Fong

About the author: Teresa Fong is Fiji-born, America-raised, and is currently working in Tokyo. She loves listening to podcasts about self-help and crime. Currently on a mission to improve her digital art skills, but a love for meeting with friends in new cafes gets in the way! She's currently eight months into an ab challenge, giving her some amazing lines that unfortunately disappear the moment she bends down. You can check her out on Instagram @imterryf.

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