Shiitake Dashi (干し椎茸の戻し汁 / 椎茸のだし)

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Shiitake Dashi (干し椎茸の戻し汁 / 椎茸のだし)


Shiitake Dashi (干し椎茸の戻し汁 / 椎茸のだし)
Main Umami Ingredient: Glutamic acid and guanylic acid
Extraction method: Cold or boiled water

Succulent and juicy shiitake mushrooms are the base for this earthy, savory dashi that is made from rehydrating dried shiitake mushrooms (which can then be used for cooking) in water. This thin, dark brown vegetarian/vegan dashi is rarely used on its own and is typically combined with konbu or katsuo dashi to produce a more robust flavor.

Dried shiitake have more concentrated flavors and nutrients compared to raw shiitake as the drying process produces more guanylic acid. There are three types of dried shiitake mushrooms.Donko, thick and juicy with a dome-shaped cap,koshin are flat without a dome-shape, andkouko are in between.

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