[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Japanese Superfoods Cookbook by Yoshiko Takeuchi (Cooking with Yoshiko)

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Cooking with Yoshiko Japanese Superfood Cookbook

Do you want to be healthy? Slim? Age well? Japanese superfoods might be your answer.

It's no secret that the Japanese life expectancy is the longest of any country in the world. Many credit this vitality and longevity to the Japanese diet, a cuisine which has long been revered as a source of unparalleled health and vitality. 

Cooking with Yoshiko Japanese Superfood Cookbook

We've partnered with Yoshiko Takeuchi of Cooking with Yoshiko, to give away six (6) of her Japanese Superfoods Cookbook e-books to three (3) lucky winners and a friend each!

Beyond a cookbook, this e-book includes information on 20 nutrient-rich Japanese superfoods that were used as medicine in ancient times. These foods could be the secret to keeping our bodies healthy and are renowned for being both tasty and wholesome. 


With over 250 pages, you'll receive in-depth information on each foods' basic use, as well as their nutritional benefits. Also included are incredible vegan recipes based on these ancient Japanese superfoods, showing you how to incorporate delicious and beneficial ingredients such as amazake, azuki, daikon, various seaweeds, including wakame, nori, konbu, and more, into your everyday meals.

Konnyaku sashimi


  • What are the 20 ancient Japanese superfoods
  • What is in these Japanese superfoods that produces their health, weight loss and beauty benefits
  • How to buy ‘real’ Japanese superfoods
  • Information on the basic use of these ancient Japanese superfoods
  • How to maximize these Japanese superfoods’ health benefits
  • Home remedies using these Japanese superfoods
  • Super-easy 3 minute vegan recipes using these Japanese superfoods
  • Exciting and tasty dishes – from everyday meals to special occasion

About Yoshiko Takeuchi and Cooking with Yoshiko

Cooking with Yoshiko Takeuchi

Cooking with Yoshiko

Cooking with Yoshiko is all about eating for health, energy and beauty, creating delicious and healthy meals. Yoshiko is from Japan, a chef, author of 3 cookbooks, certified health coach and has over 20 years’ experience teaching cooking both in Japan and Australia. With Yoshiko, you will learn only healthy, TASTY & EASY recipes so you can sustain your healthy eating in a way that is sustainable. These healthy Japanese cooking classes in Sydney have been featured in several national TV programs, newspapers and magazines, including “The Biggest Loser

She always knew that the Japanese diet was healthy, however she discovered even more amazing health and beauty benefits after doing extensive research on the Japanese ingredients for her book. Her new passion is to teach Japanese ancient wisdom and how to incorporate real Japanese superfoods into daily meals and desserts.

How to Enter

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Giveaway closes on Sunday, June 16th at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Kokoro Care Packages

Kokoro Care Packages

June 23, 2019

Best of luck Oliver!

Oliver Rissotto

Oliver Rissotto

June 23, 2019

I hope I win LOL

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