Amendoro “Honey” - A Sweet Potato Syrup with a Healthy Kick

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Amendoro “Honey” - A Sweet Potato Syrup with a Healthy Kick

Amendoro is a sweet potato syrup that originates from the Satsuma Peninsula in southwestern Japan. The Satsuma Peninsula is also known as the home of sweet potato cultivation in Japan. The Japanese word for sweet potato, “satsuma-imo” or “satsuma potato”, reflects this history. 

Amendoro derives its name from the word for sweet potato candy in the Satsuma dialect. The syrup has a rich golden-brown color and is characterized by its satisfying sweetness. Amendoro can be used in any situation where honey or maple syrup is typically used, such as drizzled over yogurt, ice cream, fruits, pancakes, or bread. Pure amendoro contains 100% sweet potato and is therefore a great vegan alternative to honey. It can also be used as a sugar alternative in baking to add a unique flavor to any treat. The syrup’s effectiveness in baked goods is not to be underestimated; a pastry containing amendoro won Japan the silver medal at the World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France!

Amendoro “Honey” - A Sweet Potato Syrup with a Healthy Kick

Not only is Amendoro a versatile kitchen ingredient, the syrup also has great health benefits. Amendoro has thirty times more antioxidants than maple syrup or honey, helping to combat aging and fatigue. Additionally, it has nine times more dietary fiber and ten times more polyphenols than maple syrup or honey. Accordingly, it is highly recommended as a healthy alternative to these ingredients in desserts, breakfasts, and teas.

Amendoro “Honey” - A Sweet Potato Syrup with a Healthy Kick

If you are interested in trying amendoro in as many dishes as possible, there is an amendoro bakery in Tokyo called Amendoroya. This cute little shop provides various treats and cakes containing amendoro, as well as soft serve ice cream with amendoro drizzled on top!

You can purchase100% sweet potato amendoro from the Kokoro Care Packages store.


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