Urban Farming in Tokyo

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Urban Farming in Tokyo

Agriculture is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Tokyo, but the urban, mountainous, and island areas of the prefecture are in fact home to a thriving farming sector. About 60% of Tokyo’s agricultural land is located in urban areas, where it enriches the lives of residents and contributes to a balanced living environment. The main products grown in urban Tokyo are vegetables (such as Japanese mustard spinach, cabbage, tomato, and broccoli), fruits (such as pear, kiwi, and persimmon), and cut flowers.

Tokyo prefecture also contains diverse environments that range from the mountains of Okutama to the subtropical islands of Ogasawara. These regions add greatly to the diversity of Tokyo’s agricultural output. The mountainous regions provide wasabi, potatoes, and plums while the island regions offer products like tropical flowers, taro, angelica keiskei, and passion fruit.

In sum, the products that make up most of Tokyo prefecture’s agricultural output are:

  • Japanese mustard spinach (8.8%)
  • Tomato (6.4%)
  • Spinach (6.1%)
  • Japanese pear (5.4%)
  • Raw milk (3.7%)

Urban Farming in Tokyo

Where to find produce from Tokyo

If you’re interested in tucking into some local produce, look out for Tokyo Specialty Ingredients Restaurants (とうきょう特産食材使用店) and Tokyo Island Local Foods Restaurants (東京の島じ まん食材使用店) where you can enjoy dishes made with ingredients from mainland Tokyo and the island areas respectively. It’s also possible to buy Tokyo-grown products in JA direct sale stores and at farmers’ markets.

Urban Farming in Tokyo

Try it yourself!

There are a number of farms and ranches in Tokyo where you can harvest vegetables and fruits, interact with livestock, and more! Options include:

  • Berry Cottage in Ome City, which offers kiwi, raspberry, and blueberry picking.
  • Inosuma Milk Farm in Hachijoji, which offers milking and butter-making experiences.


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Diarmuid O'Connor

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