PRODUCER SPOTLIGHT: Yasashi Ume Yasan - Old-fashion, Organic Umeboshi (Pickled Plum)

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“Good enough to feedmy family” 


Yasashi Ume-yasan (“Kind Plum Shop”) organic umeboshi producer in Wakayama prefecture, Japan

Mission: To create high quality Umeboshi which are truly safe for their family 

Yasashi Ume-yasan organic umeboshi


Yasashi Ume-yasan (“KindPlumShop) is anorganicumeboshi manufacturer in Kumano, Wakayama prefecture that has been producingume (Japanese plum) for 13 years. Their productsare freeof chemicals and use no artificial fertilizers or pesticides. 

Theyspecialize in umeboshi (pickled Japanese plum) and have been cultivatingume for 70 years inWakayama prefecture (a region famousin Japanforitsume). Beyond wanting to create adeliciousproduct for theircustomers, theyalsowanted to produce umeboshi that would be truly safe for their children and grandchildren, and to preserve theuniqueflavor ofume for generations to come.So theydecidedto prohibit the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers in their production process.

By refusingto usechemicals andartificial fertilizers,their umeboshiare not only more beneficial to ourbodies, but are also produced in a way that protects the soil and theenvironment. The safety of their umeboshi has been scientifically confirmed byaspecialized external agency that tests for residual pesticides and radio activity.

Yasashi Ume-yasan organic umeboshi farmer

Whatdoes it mean to beOrganic? 


“Organicumeboshi is produced fromume that has been cultivated without chemicals or artificial fertilizers for a minimum of three years.”

Although Kumano is famous for itsume, only a handful of farms in the area are organic and pesticide-free. In fact, less than 1% of the totalume produced in Wakayama prefecture is certified organic. This is because the JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) requires strict documentation and on-site inspections in order forproducts to belabeled as organic.  

Yasashi Ume-yasan's products have proudly passed these rigorous tests and areamongst the very few that are recognized asbeingorganic. 

organic umeboshi

“We want you to know the real taste of Umeboshi!” 

Yasashi Ume-yasan's umeboshi containsthree simple ingredients: organicume, organicredshiso (Japanese mint) and sea salt from Hyogo prefecture.  

Theirume are hand-picked and pickled with organicshiso using sea salt. Instead of using the commonDatsu-en production method, they use a more traditional method which gives their umeboshi a distinct and rich sourflavor. 

Yasashi Ume-yasan's umeboshi are additive-free and have a reduced saltcontent. Their production environment is hygienically managedwhich enables them to successfully maintaina17% salt ratio, despitenotusing any chemicals or preservatives 

Yasashi Ume-yasan wants you to experience the real taste ofumeboshi! 

organic red shisoOrganic redShiso, produced in Wakayama prefecture 

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