Popular Fusion Foods of Japan

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Popular Fusion Foods of Japan


When thinking of Japanese food, sushi, tempura, and miso soup may be some of the first dishes that pop into your head. But whilst Japan’s traditional food culture runs deep and remains a pervasive part of its food scene, Japan is also home to a unique fusion food culture.

Japanese Fusion Food

Fusion cuisine is created when one country uses the ingredients or cooking techniques from another and blends it with its own. What is created is a hybrid-like dish, fusing the best parts from each country’s foods into an original dish. 

Having taken inspiration from a number of different countries and cultures, Japanese food fusion is a whole cuisine of its own. Some of its dishes are so quintessentially Japanese you might not realize that they’re not originally from Japan.

Here's a look at some of the Japan's most popular fusion food dishes.

Popular Fusion Foods of Japan


If you’ve ever been to Japan, you will have probably seen this dish being cooked on the streetside by a charming little vendor, or on the menus of almost every restaurant. Yakisoba is a type of stir-fried vegetable and noodle dish cooked in distinctly flavored yakisoba sauce. It has its origins in China, taking inspiration from Chinese chow mein. The exact origins of this dish are unknown. However, since its creation, it has become a staple of Japanese restaurants and family dinners. 

Popular Fusion Foods of Japan


Omurice, a combination of the words omelet and rice, is a fusion food said to have originated in Ginza, Tokyo in 1900. Omurice typically consists of ketchup flavored rice covered by a silky smooth, yet fluffy omelet. Another popular combination includes omurice with curry.

Popular Fusion Foods of Japan

Japanese Pizza

Pizza in Japan is often of the thin crust variety, and toppings range from the classics like margherita and pepperoni to the infamous corn and mayonnaise. Many of the pizza flavors have been crafted for Japanese tastes as well as take advantage of Japan’s strong seafood industry. A trip to a Japanese pizza shop can be an exciting cultural excursion to see all of the interesting flavors on offer!

Popular Fusion Foods of Japan

Taco Rice

Taco rice is a popular Japanese-Mexican fusion dish which originated in Okinawa, Japan's southernmost tropical islands. Instead of taco meat being served in tortilla shell, it is instead served over a bowl of rice and topped with cheese and shredded cabbage or lettuce. It was created to cater to the US-military in Okinawa but has since expanded throughout the country and has almost become a symbol of the islands.

Popular Fusion Foods of Japan


Whilst a seemingly ubiquitous part of Japanese cuisine, ramen actually originated in China but has developed over decades to take on its own original Japanese flavor and style.

Popular Fusion Foods of Japan


Complimentary to ramen is gyoza, a type of dumpling which is also originally from China. 

While fusion food is certainly not the first idea that comes to mind when thinking of Japanese cuisine, it is nonetheless worth a try for anyone visiting Japan. 

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