Miwa's Healthy Japanese Cooking Course

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MIWA's Healthy Japanese Cooking Course

Discover the essence of Japanese home cooking with Miwa’s Healthy Japanese Cooking Course! This 8-week online program is designed to transform your home cooking experience by helping you master traditional Japanese cooking techniques, explore and embrace healthy ingredients that elevate gut health, and design personalized meal plans for a delightful and nourishing culinary journey. 


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From deep dives into the building blocks of Japanese flavors to step-by-step guidance on how to incorporate meal planning into a busy schedule, Miwa is ready to coach you on taking your home cooking to the next level. Discover a new approach to balance by applying Japanese concepts such as “ichijyu-sansai” and “mago wa yasashii” – two helpful concepts that remind chefs to include a range of foods into their diets – and save money, time, and effort while doing so! What’s more, Miwa can teach you how to best use products you’ve purchased from Kokoro Care Packages in your everyday cooking. 


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If you’re ready to elevate your dishes using time-honored techniques from traditional Japanese cuisine, enroll now and use code kokorocaremiwa to enjoy a 10% discount on Miwa’s Healthy Japanese Cooking Course

About Miwa

MIWA's Healthy Japanese Cooking Course

Miwa was born in Kamakura. She spent one year in Texas, US and another year in California, US during high-school and university respectively. 

The concept of Miwa's Japanese Cooking Class was born when our founder, Miwa, lived in Cambridge, UK in 2016. While her husband was studying at the University of Cambridge, Miwa started to utilize her previous experience in cooking and opened her first Japanese cooking class at home for the locals. The first class was only with 3 people, but it then grew its popularity by word of mouth. Later, a cooking class company in Cambridge offered her to host a Japanese cooking class gathering more than 10 people (with some waitlisted).

Coming back to Tokyo, Japan in summer 2017, Miwa wanted to continue teaching Japanese cooking to tourists to Japan and opened Miwa's Japanese Cooking Class in May 2018. 

She is currently a mother of two sons.

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