Exciting News: Kokoro Care Packages will now become part of the Tea Life Co. Ltd. family!

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Dear Kokoro Community, 

We are excited to share the news thatTea Life Co. Ltd. and its US based subsidiary SENN Inc., have officially acquired the businesses of Kokoro Care Packages. This marks a significant milestone in our five year journey of delivering artisanal foods from Japan and we are delighted to be joining the Tea Life Co. Ltd. family.

This new partnership will help us to enhance our offerings, provide you with an even better customer experience and support more local farmers and producers in Japan. 

What does this mean for you?

  • Expanded Product and Service Offerings: Partnering with Tea Life Co. Ltd. will allow us to offer an even wider range of locally-made, artisanal products from Japan.
  • Streamlined Processes: Our focus on efficiency will result in streamlined processes, resulting in smoother transactions and service.
  • Unparalleled Customer Support:You can expect the same level of excellent customer support, if not better. Our focus will always be on providing you, our Kokoro Community, with the best service and highest personal experience possible.
  • Enhanced Innovation:The integration of our teams means increased collaboration and innovation. We're excited about the possibilities this presents for the development of new and improved ideas.
  • Shared Values:Both Tea Life Co. Ltd. and Kokoro Care Packages share a commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. These values will continue to guide our actions as we move forward together.

What will stay the same?

Many aspects of your experience will stay the same. You can continue to find use atwww.kokorocares.com and @kokorocares. Subscriptions will continue to renew as scheduled. The co-founders of Kokoro Care Packages, Lillian Hanako Rowlatt and Aki Sugiyama, will remain as integral parts of the team. And as always, we will continue to deliver the highest quality products from Japan, from our “kokoro” (heart) to yours.

About Tea Life Co. Ltd.

Tea Life Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1983 in Kanaya-cho , Haibara-gun (currently Shimada-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture. Their main business is to provide total health support to help people spend their 100-year life healthy. Their goal is to provide "wellness and life support" through e-commerce shopping and various related businesses. Find out more at:https://www.tealifeir.com/en/

Please feel free to contact us atinfo@kokorocares.com with any questions as we’re always happy to connect.

We are genuinely excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to continuing our journey together. 

Thank you for your trust, loyalty and for being a valued member of our Kokoro Community.

Lillian Hanako Rowlatt and Aki Sugiyama

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Marty Kobayashi

Marty Kobayashi

December 07, 2023

Congratulations Lillian and Aki-san!! This announcement is fabulous news! I am so happy for both of you!
It is a testament to your perseverance, skills and dedication to Kokoro Cares that your business has not only grown from a shared dream, but also thrived and has been recognized and acquired by a mainstream enterprise. I know the road to this point was not easy and it took a lot of personal sacrifices to reach this milestone. I was happy to be a teeny tiny part of this success with an annual subscription to your monthly “goody” packages.
Wishing you both continued good health and good karma.

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