Yuba (Tofu Skins)

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Producer: Yamashiroya 
Ingredients: Soybeans (from Japan, non-GMO)
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free
Size:3 dried sheets (23cm x 14cm x 1.5cm)

Yuba (tofu skins) is a simple yet wholesome food that is made by warming a bowl of soybean milk and skimming off the top film, or tofu skin, as it forms.

While it tastes somewhat similar to tofu, it has a distinct creamy texture from its delicate, thin layers and a slightly sweet, almost buttery taste. Yuba is a valuable source of protein that has become a main ingredient in Shōjin Ryōri. 

Yamashiroya produces yuba for the Enryakuji Temple on Mount Hieizan in Kyoto’s eastern mountain range, which borders Shiga Prefecture. The Enryakuji Temple is one of the most prominent monasteries in Japanese history and was registered as a World Cultural Heritage site in 1994. 

Suggested use: Cut into strips and use as is in soup orsoak in room temperature water for 3 mins anduse instead of pasta with creamy sauces. The flat sheets can also be soaked whole and rolled around vegetables to make spring rolls. 

Yuba-maki Spinach Roll
Crispy Vegan Yuba Rolls
Sesame and Soy Yuba Noodle Bowl

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